Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16th: My Birthday Continued

I started off my day as usual, with a couple little cups of caffè (espresso). I selected my Caffe Vittoria espresso cup and saucer from Boston this morning as a small commemoration of the recent tradegy.

I only managed to do a single load of laundry today. Will have to do more tomorrow! That means more time with my family's very cute 8-week-old puppy named Minnie. She is still exploring her new home at this point, though a bit timidly. She loves tummy rubs so far, simply can't get enough...

May I introduce ...Minnie...

It was difficult to try to get her to stop moving for a proper portrait.
It looks like she getting ready to roll on her back for a tummy rub here.

Enjoying a tummy rub. Classic.

My mom and I visited the clothing store where my sister works as she generously donated a $40 reward card to me. I got to try on armloads of clothing which is something I hardly ever do, ever tempt myself with! My mom (and sister) bought me eight fabulous items; that's also something I hardly ever do. You see, I can barely afford walking out of a store with one item. I plan to share these birthday purchases on my next Style Sunday post. I truly needed new clothes and I love these pieces. After our shopping spree, the two of us had lunch at the fanciest restaurant in town.

I wore one of my new tops to a wine tasting. Both my friend E and I opted for the flight of red, with our Italian feast since they gave us a few ounces in each of the three glasses! We both favored the same one, a wine very similar to what I regularly drank when I lived in Italy, a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Wining and dining was fabulous. Since Pier 1 was a block away and we seem to often stop there during our semiannual outings, we checked it out. Unfortunately, I didn't see those dining cushions I found online in stock. Back at my place, I showed off my new clothing to her before she left; both of us vowing to get together more at her departure, hopefully when my part-time work environment calms down...

I truly splurged and bought myself a new everyday handbag, treating myself pretty well at the time of my birthday. Seeing it in Macy's once months and months ago, I actually recently bought it on eBay. I've been carrying it around for several days now and love it. I like the look on the outside and its organization on the inside.

Coach Chelsea Patent Leather Jayden Carryall in Wine
When you look closely, there's shimmer.
It also features a silver hardware and a light-colored interior fabric.

This is my second Coach handbag.
I believe my mom bought me my first one around 2003, so a decade ago now and it still looks great!
I highly recommend this brand as it's built to last.
This one is a welcome change from my black fabric one with the signature C all over it.

Again, I just love it!

So, my two-day 29th birthday was a fantastic one, both relaxing and fun, just what I needed at this time! Perfect. Perfetto.


  1. I like that bag even better in person. It's beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I keep gushing over its beauty myself. It's truly a perfect birthday gift to myself.

  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your parents puppy, She is so tiny and so cute! Sounds like you've had a great birthday! That purse is gorgeous.

    1. You're welcome. I was just over my parents' for an hour and a half doing a load of laundry this afternoon and hanging out with my favorite pup.

      I did have a great birthday. Even though I wasn't out-of-town as usual, it was simply what I needed.

      Thank you!