Thursday, February 28, 2013 sick day...

I woke up this morning feeling poorly. I have had a cold first and then a tickle in the back on my throat that provoked a dry cough for the past ten days actually. Today, I have a sore throat; it's painful to do anything with that and just plain sore when I'm not doing anything. I called out of work (my full-time job in fact) which is pretty rare. Instead of heading to work, I headed to Patient First, knocking down their door at 8 (with people still in front of me!). I was diagnosed with tonsilitis and pharyngitis and as a result, received a ten-day regime of antibiotics. I usually develop this once during the winter.

I mentioned that I rarely have a sick day, off from work. Well, today, I couldn't even stay in bed! At Patient First, I received a voicemail message from my part-time job boss. I listened to it back at home and learned that she was in the hospital for something related to the heart and her pneumonia. I called the woman who left me the message on behalf of the manager. Following that, I hopped on my phone, leaving messages until our district manager called us back. I convinced him to take action, finally arranging for him to drive to the store so he could cover and call other store managers in the area for help. I met him at the store to open it with my key since he didn't have one. I waited until he got settled in, even assisting customers in my soft, hoarse voice, in pain with every word. By the time I left, the closest store manager (from about 30 minutes away) walked in and plans to cover it the day shift through Saturday. I felt incredibly guilty in not hopping in my car to go open the store on time and I don't believe that I'll get over it. I was very sick too and have been working while sick and will have to like whoa in the future starting tomorrow. Usually decisive myself, I actually called my mom for advice and she advised me to stay in bed, to even consider taking off tomorrow. Yeah... that's not gonna happen.

I have been in bed resting since. Even though I have taken two doses of antibiotics, I still feel the same as I did when I awakened. I was scheduled to work a lot before the previously stated emergency... two doubles Friday and Saturday (8:30 to 5 and then 6 to 9:45) and 9 hours on Sunday. The other part-time associate tells me in texting today that he could close on Monday so I don't work a 12 hour shift that day. I haven't looked at the schedule beyond that. It being 1st of the month tomorrow, I have a busy day tomorrow. I really need to feel much better today.

I realize that this has been a tough winter, with a longer and more intense flu season and with other illnesses. If you're sick or have been, I feel for you. I look forward to spring.


  1. I hope the antibiotics work well. Sounds super stressful! When you get better (and have a day off) we will have to go antique shopping!

  2. Sick days aren't supposed to be that stressful! I hope since then you've managed to get enough rest to get better.

  3. I hope you are feeling better and just are too busy to post right now. Been thinking about you.