Monday, December 3, 2012

Style Sunday: Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe can also be called a ten-item wardrobe, composed of select basics and classics. I don't possess just 10 items for fall and winter though... In fact, I cultivated 30, three times as many, which works for me since I have three lives! You see, I work a full time job, a part-time job, and have free time. My dress code at my part-time job is specific, white top and black bottom. The 30 also work for me because I launder my clothing at my parents' about once a week, so I need enough clean items to last me through working a double or for hosting a girl's night after a single shift. More days of the week than not, I have a wardrobe change. So, even with thirty, I still consider it a capsule wardrobe nonetheless. You don't have to have only ten either to apply the concept of the ten-item or capsule wardrobe to your closet. Take my lead and do what works for you. It certainly doesn't look like the usual overstuffed American closet to me!

My Capsule Wardrobe
on matching slim hangers
occupying half of one of my closets.
I did not include my camisoles that I usually hang up, 
nor my three cardigans which I pile next to my sweaters on the shelf above.
Jennifer L. Scott, author of Lessons from Madame Chic and the blogger behind The Daily Connoisseur, does not include extras like outerwear, occasionwear, accessories, shoes, and under shirts (camisoles for me) in her ten-item wardrobe (page 45 of Lessons). I have not either.

How did I get down to thirty for these colder seasons? I kinda wish I had a massive cleanout like everyone else, a story. Three trash bags full! Nope. Pieces were weeded out one at a time over the past few years. I am a moderate minimalist who believes in the "one in, one (or two) out rule" for decluttering. I like only owning what I love and use. I love having a capsule wardrobe for this reason. Plus, I also lost a size a few years ago so I discarded items that no longer fit as I replaced some and, honestly, have pretty much been too poor since to purchase more than one item at a time in any store, using any paycheck! Furthermore, both having less and being on a budget, I now only buy something unless I love it and it's perfect. I have become pretty picky now!

May I introduce you to my 30-Item Fall/Winter Wardrobe...

1. dark pink crossover 3/4 sleeve shirt by Merona from Target
2. ...and one in white
3. ...and one in navy
4. ...and one in black
5. white v-neck 3/4 sleeve tee shirt from H&M
6. white 3/4 sleeve button down shirt from New York & Company
7. ...and another one
8. white long sleeve button down shirt from H&M
9. white long sleeve button down shirt with ruffle trim from New York & Company
10. chocolate brown wrap shirt with collar from H&M
11. blue stripe button down shirt from New York & Company
12. dark gray v-neck long sleeve tee shirt by LOGG from H&M
13. ...and one in black
14. black scoop neck long sleeve shirt from Express
15. black crossover sweater from Ann Taylor Factory Store
16. green-blue v-neck sweater from The Limited
17. chocolate brown crossover sweater from Ann Taylor LOFT
18. deep red v-neck sweater from Ann Taylor Factory Store
19. purple v-neck sweater from The Limited
20. dark bootcut jeans in curvy fit from Ann Taylor Factory Store
21. Levi's 515 jeans with studded back pockets in short
22. ...and in regular
23. brown wool skirt from Ann Taylor LOFT
24. gray wool pants with pink pinstripe, without pockets from Ann Taylor LOFT
25. short black Worthington Modern Fit trouser pants with pockets from JCP
26. ...and another pair
27. ...and another pair
28. dark gray pants without pockets from Ann Taylor Factory Store
29. black pants in regular from The Limited
30. black pants in regular from Ann Taylor Factory Store

The extras that accessorize these basics include but are not limited to... two suit jackets, three crew-neck cardigans with one in black, one in cream and the last in dark pink, so many scarves and pashminas, a black winter coat, a khaki trench coat, a long sleeve crossover black dress for special occasions, shoes, boots, black patterned knee-highs, handbags, clutches, totes, four belts, jewelry including earrings, and so many camisoles- from cotton to silk, from plain to lace-trimmed or polka dot. I could even replace a top on this list with two of my extras... a deep red cami under my cream-colored cardigan for a day for example.

Comprised of items I love, I love it overall. You can see that I tend to gravitate towards certain colors, mainly neutrals but rich ones like crisp white, chocolate brown, charcoal gray or black with a couple jewel tone warm colors thrown in. I also love pockets, especially to keep keys in while checking and showing apartments at my full-time job. If not, I wear a lanyard around my neck at least half the workday. A v-neck or faux wrap like a crossover neckline is flattering on my figure. Having so little, I know for a fact that everything looks great on me. I wear pants in size short, which are the perfect length for me in ballet flats. And, of course, size regular to pair with heels. I do own multiples of many things, which I do not advocate since variety is the spice of life, but I think when something works well, it works, oh well. I've been working too many crazy hours lately to have enough time to shop in every store. These multiples are usually purchased one at a time too, at the stores I am loyal to. Cotton is the fabric of my life. Maybe I should have my own TV commercial...

However, I feel like I have prettier pieces in my spring and summer wardrobe, like sheer fabrics and more patterns, so I wouldn't mind trading one of these for a top with fine details that I'm accustomed to the other half of the year. Do you have any fabulous recommendations of additions for me?

Do you have space in between the hangers in your closet too?

P.S.- Sorry this is late. Again.

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