Monday, November 12, 2012

Style Sunday: Bedroom Mirror ...and Daytrip Plans

I'm sorry this is late! Mi dispiace! I worked a lot last week, including a 9 hour shift on Sunday. A stressful week at that, we had corporate visits at both my workplaces, including where I showed some corporate people and investors my own apartment on very short notice, which they commented was "pristine." I did manage to have some fun too! Anyway, I'll try to be better and post on time in the future. Luckily, I only work Tuesday night and open to close Sunday at my part-time job this week.

Last Monday, I put up that quatrefoil mirror I recently purchased and featured on my previous post. I decided to hang it over my bedroom chest of drawers as originally intended. Even though I specifically purchased new picture hangers from Home Depot for it, I ended up using ones I already owned, the drywall ones where most of the long wire is on the inside of the wall. I received them as part of a housewarming gift from my friend J. I am very pleased with the result... The unique form adds character.

One of those frames features my personal photo of the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana in Love Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am excited to announce that I will be taking a day trip to this beloved city of mine in a couple of weeks! I haven't been there in over a year! (Read about my last visit here.) After arriving by train, I plan to hit all of my favorite places... the Reading Terminal Market (where I might have a Philly cheesesteak), the DiBruno Brothers Italian Market, a cute and quirky accessories store called Tselaine,... I might visit the Titanic exhibit at the Franklin Institute (which just opened and extends until April 7th). I also definitely want to linger at the outdoor German-style Christmas market in Love Park. (This Christmas Village will be open from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, you should go!) Many wooden booths and a big tent/structure will offer traditional German holiday food and drinks as well as international gifts and Christmas tree ornaments. The website makes it seem like it'll be bigger this year than what I remember of it, when it occupied a smaller area across the street, beside City Hall. I can hardly wait to explore all that! To eat! And possibly buy some Christmas presents? I've already arranged to have off from and use a vacation day at my full-time job and might even by able to purchase my train tickets today, before Friday's paycheck. It'll be fantastic to return, but also to enjoy the holiday season in my own personal way.

Edit: Click here for a recent article on the Christmas Village from

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