Sunday, October 7, 2012

Style Sunday: Animal Print Shoe

I've wanted to try a leopard or cheetah print ballet flat or pump for awhile now. It's a bold pattern to add alittle something to an outfit of basics, even with jeans. I realize that I could buy both kinds of shoe, but am on a budget and still unsure about the trend altogether. I've never owned an article of clothing or an accessory with an animal print, no cheetah spots nor zebra stripes. I won't know 'til I try.

"Steady Pumps" from Sold Out, $395.

I complimented one of my prospective residents this week on her cute cheetah flats. I proceeded to ask her where she picked them up and she replied that she stole them from a friend of the same shoe size. Not the answer I hoped for! But, she did say that ones like them were on sale at Target for under $15. And she's right; check these out...

I should head over to Target and at least try them on. I want to achieve a classic and chic look, not a cheap one, a claim that the online reviews tend to support. Perhaps these are it... 


  1. My leopard print shoes from Target (low heels from a previous season) always get nice compliments. But I do think that they wear out more easily. Still, that would make them a great simple investment to see if you like the look.

  2. You're right, I found that shoes priced under $35 simply do not last long. I still haven't tried them at Target. I hope they're nice looking and that I like them!