Monday, September 3, 2012

Things To Do: Summer 2012 Edition: Final Update

Cheers to a Fabulous Summer!

In this Memorial Day weekend post, I posted a list entitled "Things To Do: Summer Edition" and now that it is Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer, here's my list with the ones I have completed crossed off:

1. savor red red tomatoes selected at a farmer's market
2. sip margaritas on my balcony with my girlfriends visiting during the middle of July
3. have a perfect beach or pool day
4. go out of town (even if just for the day or an evening, even if just to Annapolis or Baltimore)
5. go for a snowball with friends

6. have a professional pedicure and then show it off in strappy sandals
7. become a bookworm--read a book a week
8. attend as many cookouts as possible--thoroughly enjoy summer food while dining alfresco
9. create a pasta salad to be a signature of mine
10. throw a fun and fabulous party
11. get just a bit of a tan
12. totally rock big Italian-style sunglasses

13. make a cork candle holder-- collect the corks needed by Labor Day and the end of summer 

I'm sad that I didn't attend that many cookouts! This summer was a very hot one though and maybe I will dine alfresco when it's cooler outside during the fall. I was also unable to afford to host a party, but that's okay, maybe later on that one too...

I pretty much perfected my cork candle holder, so I will share about that in (yet another) belated Style Sunday post. Sorry. I haven't gotten used to working a (long) shift at my part-time job every Sunday yet.

The highlight of my summer was hosting my two college friends for a few days during the middle of July. From blood orange margaritas on my balcony to Italian desserts in Baltimore's Little Italy, we really had a good time!

Unbelievably poor lately, I liked having this list, so that I could make the most of my summer, budgeting for and enjoying those quintessentially summer activities. I didn't want to miss out just because I lacked the funds for a big trip away and for every Saturday night out.

I am happy to be off today. Instead of the usual burgers and hot dogs on the grill, my family plans on serving lasagna on this Labor Day. ...which is fine with me! :)

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