Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dizzy. I'm so dizzy, my head is spin-nin'.
Like a whirlpool it never ends.
And it's you girl makin' it spin.
You're making me dizzy.

Lyrics sung by Tommy Roe, a hit in 1969.

I'm not experiencing any dizziness! (...and I wish a guy was makin' me dizzy!) It's just my latest bottle of antibiotics (I'm taking for a minor bacterial infection) has a warning label for a side effect of dizziness and I sing these lyrics in my mind every time I take one. Apparently, I was prescribed the wrong antibiotic the first time around, so I've been taking antibiotics for nearly 20 days and am ready to finish.

I'm dizzy busy. I signed up to work Sundays at my part-time job, but since two employees quit when I arrived (I don't think it was me!), I've been working three nights plus all day Sunday lately. 62 hours and 7 days a week takes some getting used to. I'm trying not to complain! I still don't have just enough clothes for all this, so I do a quick load or two of laundry at my parents' place twice a week.

I'm handling it pretty well though. Living well is important to me. My social schedule has suffered though. I hate answering the question "How have you been lately?" with "Busy." I work to live! Not live to work. I would much rather describe something I've done recently that was fun.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ginna of My Pretty Pennies, recently posted an entry about being busy at the same time I started drafting this post in my head. This blogger says she is proud to be so productive in this entry. And, sure, I do feel that way too. I still take care of myself, like I applied both a facial and hair mask once this week. Shopped at Target at 8 AM Saturday before one of my double shift days. Thank goodness it is only a block away! I also still take care of my home. Not expecting to, I actually showed my apartment on Saturday. It was ready for show. (If you didn't know, I am a Leasing Consultant.) Even working 62 hours this week! It wasn't spotless and perfect by any means, but they thought it was fabulous and encouraged me to show it to all my prospective residents. (I hardly ever show my home. Only when I know it would be very beneficial, and in this particular case, it was.)

I have another long week ahead too. Six days at my full-time job (one of which not even at my own property!) plus (only) two nights and Sunday at my part-time one. Hopefully it'll pay off in the end. $$$

I've read over 300 pages of Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child by Bob Spitz. I have a bit more than 200 pages to go and, unfortunately, it's due back at the library on the 2nd. I am unable to renew it since it is such high demand and has holds. Maybe I'll buy it so that I can finish it... I am still really enjoying it.

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