Friday, September 14, 2012

A Vacation, Dearie.

I am enjoying my time off.

I got my laundry out of the way Monday night. I continued to take care of business Tuesday morning, sending off my passport renewal application via mail. Then, it was time for some fun. ...only interrupted by a six month cleaning at the dentist on Thursday afternoon.

I picked up the book Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child by Bob Spitz from my local library and have been immersed it since. Only about 200 pages into this huge tome and currently following her experience while enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, I'm really enjoying it! I adore her even more now. I've always admired that she loved not only cooking and food, but life and joy. I've also known her enthusiasm for well-made food and the way she truly enjoyed the eating experience, which is beautifully captured in the book. But, I didn't know how thoroughly positive and adventurous Julia was. Or how much of a trouble-maker! Before reading it, I was also familiar with the fact that she didn't find her passion for cooking until age 37! I like the idea that one could have many different stages of life and that it's okay not to know what to do or get what one wants early, one can still have a full and influential life, still blossom later. One probably appreciates it more that way! I am endlessly fascinated by a strong, independent woman like her. I am happy that I still have more than half of the biography to go!

On Tuesday afternoon, I accompanied my mom on an errand of her's and after that she actually purchased me a pair of shoes for work that I really did need to replace, insisting nothing she liked in the store fit her and has had a gift card for awhile. I am so grateful. Next, my mom and I checked out my grandmother's old car which she is giving me! It's in better shape than my own, which is so falling apart. It is being currently being inspected ...and keep your fingers crossed for me that its A/C will be (or can be very cheaply) repaired! I am very grateful again. After that, the two of us enjoyed a late lunch at the local diner. Grateful, three times. As an insomniac, I am happy to report that I have been sleeping the last few nights. I feel refreshed each morning, just like one is supposed to!

I started off Wednesday right, sipping a cappuccino and eating a chocolate pastry while reading my book at Panera. In fact, I got up early each morning, taking full advantage of my days, pretty beautiful days weather-wise, 75 to 82 degrees and mostly sunny. Anyway, usually starting with a couple little cups of espresso and a muffin while watching a bit of the Today Show. Later each day, I indulged in just alittle retail therapy. I hope that I didn't offset my budget too much... I bought a fluted clear glass vase from HomeGoods and (over)filled it with (faux) sunflowers. I have them sitting on my coffee table, warming up the place. I also purchased something pretty for myself, something I've been looking for for awhile, at least it was inexpensive. Throw a cheap pair of red teardrop earrings in there too. On Wednesday, I gave myself a pedicure. Additionally, I've had some time over my vacation to contact a couple of friends. I cooked my specialty, penne with sauteed red pepper and zucchini in tomato sauce on Wednesday night, enjoying it with French bread and olive oil made for dipping, plus a glass of Chianti that night and the next. Tonight, I am looking forward to a feast at my parents' house. The celebration is a welcome for my aunt who visits for about a week or so each fall.

Tuscan sunflowers for my coffee table

my arrangement, close-up

with my good book, within arm's reach of the sofa

I return to work at my part-time job tomorrow evening. I get my myself into working every day, a few days with double shifts, mostly because, starting this upcoming week, we now have only three employees instead of four at my second workplace. it's nice to relax now. ...and it's not over yet! I still have more reading, relaxing, eating and shopping, okay, not anymore shopping, and who knows what, to do!

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