Sunday, July 8, 2012

Style Sunday: The Search Is On for an Everyday Handbag

I love my red Kenneth Cole New York handbag. It's the "Fold Play" tote in Cabernet. When I spotted it one day in the outlet mall I was working in, I knew it was what I had been looking for and just perfect... the right red and an appropriate size. I loved the simple design. The dark interior liner looks cleaner than it could possibly be! I used it everyday until very recently.

My Everyday Handbag
This photo was taken about nine months ago after I had settled into my new apartment.

Since I spent so much on it, I thought it would last a lifetime! Alas, it is about time to retire it... And only after two, maybe three, years! It looks very worn and past its prime. It just doesn't fit in with the polished, sophisticated look I attempt to pull off. The color is coming off most of it, it has lost its shape (after so much overloading it I'm sure!), and I already had the lining repaired once by my trusty tailor. In addition, when I wear white and perspire, the red bleeds onto the my shirt and I have to bleach the pink stains away.

And so, it is time I start looking (and saving) for its replacement. I think I could let mine go once I find the next one. I'm picky about this purchase as I will carry it so often. I suppose every item gains more importance when you employ a (moderately) minimalist wardrobe. So far, my favorite is this one...

This is the "Coach Chelsea Patent Leather Jayden Carryall" in Wine. Even though I do like the patent leather, I'm not sure if I'd love to see all that shine everyday! Maybe it wouldn't look so extreme in real life as it does in the image above. I would love to check this out in person and see if I really like it. When I first discovered it, the websites for Macy's and Coach reported that it's not in stores or not available respectively. At the moment that I'm drafting this post, it may be in two Macy's locations that I could get to; the term they list is "Limited Availability." Maybe I'll go see if I can take a look at it on Sunday or Monday... Plus, I have yet to try the new Coach outlet. I own a single Coach bag and not showing a bit of wear after like 6-8 years, it seems to hold up very well ...not that I use it all the time though. I just couldn't afford to pay full price for it. I would have to find it among clearance and not "New!" items.

I tend to prefer a handbag with a fairly simple design like this. A leather tote would fall into second place because they are a bit too simple. I do like a warm color like this one, but it could be black too. In fact, the Coach handbag I own is black. I've been carrying this fabric signature tote around for a week or so now, and maybe for a while into the future...

Like I said, the search is on.


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