Sunday, July 1, 2012

Style Sunday: Recent Purchases from Ann Taylor

I shared my afternoon on Monday with my mom. Between a restock of her booth of antiques within a consignment shop and the discovery of the most delicious grilled chicken club sandwich in town, I am incredibly grateful that she bought me much-needed clothing from one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor. Each item fits me very well. The salesperson was overenthusiastic, but I love to shop and don't do it much anymore, so I delighted in that! Like an Italian, she spoke in superlatives; whatever she wanted to sell me and I expressed at least some interest in was the best, the most flattering. Anyway, the purchases are the following tops:

for work:

I've already worn it and felt sophisticated.

for play:

This top is tucked in here, but the bottom is flat, 
so the whole thing is actually divided into three sections.
Hello Hourglass! I can't wait for a night out!

for color:

I picked this up at the salesperson's suggestion and brought it to the counter at my mom's insistence.
I love brilliant and saturated color and this is a Greek, Aegean blue.
I plan to wear it this summer with my white capris.

Today was pay day, so I treated myself to a swimsuit, also from Ann Taylor. This "online exclusive" is not sold in stores ...but I fell in love with it. Not having tried it on, I'm trying not to get my hopes up... if it doesn't fit, then I'll simply return it. I own a deep teal bandeau that fits and will serve me this summer. This one's worth a shot. It's actually highly reviewed online, so that's good. 

for swim:

They drop the word "glamorous" in the description 
...and if it is in person, then I'll let you know!

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