Sunday, July 15, 2012

Style Sunday: French Balcony

In my daydreaming of living in Italy lately, I've been picturing a home with a French or Juliet balcony; you know... double doors with shutters that open onto a balcony with railings of fancy ironwork. Typically, this balcony only protrudes about a foot from the building. It seems very European... However, I prefer a balcony large enough to accommodate a bistro set and my beloved plants in terra cotta pots, a place where I could sit and enjoy an outdoor space. I suppose I am a typical American in this case, wanting more space.

The doors of this French apartment lead out to a long balcony...

I'll happily settle for my own lovely balcony for now though. I've recently put up a couple strings of lights with colored glass bulbs along my balcony railing to make it more festive for sipping blood orange margaritas with visiting friends this week. I can't wait!


  1. Blood orange margaritas? Oh do share!

  2. Seriously envious of those little Parisian balconies. Great blog!