Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ready for Change

I recently wrote about a job interview and, with that, the opportunity to break into my career field of choice and to move closer to that workplace and to a city, thus radically changing my life. I was extremely excited for this potential change. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job. This taught me something. Now I know I am ready for a major overhaul in my life. It's time.

I do like my job and love my perfect apartment home where I live on my own. In addition, I am extremely grateful for all the other numerous blessings in my life, namely experiences, friends and family. I am happy. It's just now that I accomplished the goal of completely relishing living on my own in a beautiful one bedroom with a balcony for 3/4 a year now, I need to work towards my next goal. Or my other goals and dreams seem much more pressing to me now. I believe that life has the potential to be amazing and it is what you make it. I very much want to remain completely satisfied with my life.

I want my life with its decisions and actions to be directed towards achievement of my life dreams. This was actually a New Year's Resolution of mine for 2012. As the italiagal, one dream is that I want to live in Italy. Hopefully sometime in my thirties! To do that, I need to eliminate or at least have quite the handle on my substantial credit card and student loan debt.

I could earn more, yes, and that is definitely part of the plan. In fact, I will probably put a plan into place to earn extra income soon. You see, recently, my family has generously offered to drive me to and from a part-time job this summer since my car does not have air conditioning and is simply too old to put any money into. (I live where I work full-time, so I do not drive a lot.) I am not thrilled, especially since it is likely a return to retail which I was thrilled to escape just 16 months ago! I could also switch full-time jobs to one with greater compensation... I just like my job. I don't love it. I promise that I will start looking to see what's out there. If I do not work at my present job, I forfeit the small discount on rent, which actually enabled me to afford the home. I am aware that I have chosen not to take the Property Manager position that was vacant last December which pays more and that I could have applied for and maybe won. From my last job, I know that I hate being boss, I have accepted that decision. When I work more than 40 hours a week someplace, I need it to make me happy. Life is too short not to be.

Speaking of income, it would also be nice to have a travel budget again. My trip of the year was only a two day one night trip to Boston for my birthday. Which was perfect and I loved it! ...but... I can see myself "needing" more though. In fact, it would be fabulous to kick off my 30s with a trip spent backpacking through Europe... I'm 28 and without any funding now! I possess serious wanderlust and need an outlet every once in awhile at least!

What would truly impact my financial situation would be to lower my cost of living. I actually already live frugally. What I need to do is give up my beloved apartment and share a two bedroom apartment home with a roommate or two. I need a lower rent, so that I could devote the savings to paying down debt. I am a leasing consultant and know all my residents (it's a small apartment community of under 200 homes), but I have yet to like someone enough to seriously consider moving in with one of them! I feel that my town is not a good match for me. It is a family-oriented suburb and I am not, do not want to have kids in the present nor future and would prefer to live in a city. I wouldn't mind moving out of my hometown completely. I'm only still in it because I knew I could just barely afford living in my apartment and needed to lean on my parents. I always do my laundry there, for example. I also landed a job here, which in this job market was difficult to find. I was applying to leasing consultant and similar positions everyday for six weeks and only scored two interviews in that time. I am, clearly, very action-oriented and know that if I am not faced with a decision at a crossroads, that I can certainly create it for myself. If a two bedroom apartment become available for lease on property that I would want to move into, then I could post on Craigslist for a roommate. This is something that many people warn me against however.

Moving back in with my parents and adult siblings simply is not an option for me. Period. I have a wonderful family and happy upbringing, but it's time for me to be independent. I was raised to be independent in practical matters, to take care of myself. I've always wanted to be a grown up and so I couldn't move back. I would not want to move back into the house that is pretty rough around the edges. I was miserable living there as an adult.

I also need to augment my social situation. I really want a close local friend, preferably a girl, who shares similar values. I do have wonderful local friends who have I love unconditionally and I could write whole posts about how each of them has been there for me. I just don't talk with a single one of them on a daily basis or anything close to it. I don't believe any of my local friends read my beloved blog. These Marylanders are simply very different from me and their lives have taken them different places. Heck, my desire to move to a home the size of a closet within a country where the native language is not English likely sounds crazy to them! I realize that I am rather nonconformist there. When I have good news or need to talk, I usually call out-of-state. If I had a close local girlfriend, I probably wouldn't be exploding about this here! I prefer this blog to be thoroughly positive.

I would also love to have a boyfriend, a guy who I adore, not just one who chases after me, even after I politely decline an offer. I do want to be married someday, years from now. I have always been pretty successful in dating after being on I just need to afford the subscription and a bit of a budget to actually go out on dates. ...and have a bunch of recent photos taken of myself for my profile.

In addition, I would need to brush up on the Italian I've lost and further my study of it. I certainly have time to do so. A language is meant to be spoken, and I would need to figure out a way to converse with others... I know I can think creatively and hopefully I can come up with a budget-friendly option there.

...yes, I'd say that I am definitely ready for a major change.

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