Monday, July 30, 2012

An Update on My Day Off

I scored a part-time job today! I had spoken with the very new manager at my former workplace, a name brand luggage store, a couple of times recently. This morning, I visited her at the appointed time and submitted an application for part-time employment. I do not want to return to retail, but, alas, need the additional income to pay my bills. If I had to choose any part-time gig, then I would choose this one I suppose. I like selling luggage. I plan to work open to close every Sunday if this manager will entertain that, and just a bit more if she needs me. My family promised me a ride every Sunday since my car lacks air conditioning. With two more paychecks a month, it'll be nice to have my bills paid in full and on time again and not have to worry about that. 

I visited the library this afternoon. Among the books I checked out is "Un Amico Italiano: Eat, Pray, Love in Rome" by Luca Spaghetti. Do you remember this character from Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Eat Pray Love" and its film adaptation? Honestly, I remember this joyful character more in the movie... Especially the scene where Julia Roberts's character Liz meets him in the barbershop. "You don't know pleasure!" It's a book by him! How fun is that? Fun, I tell you. I'm already cracking up and am only on page 8. I've been wanting to read an Italian travel narrative or something like this lately. Unfortunately, if they're not available in my local library system, I cannot even afford them on Amazon. Anyway, I hope it gives me more inspiration for blog posts with an Italian slant.

I also quickly caught up with my friend who works at my local library until a patron walked up with a question. I hope to truly catch up with her soon. She works here, but lives far far away. I'm honored by her invitation to visit her, but simply can't afford anything right now. Maybe she can stay at my apartment in between two work shifts... saving herself a couple commutes. So we can hang out sooner rather than later.

I've been watching quite a bit of the Olympics. It's kind of addicting, isn't it? I learn a lot about all the different sports. The games must have been distracting because the biggest event in town, the annual carnival, snuck up on me. I hope to head over for a pit beef sandwich one evening this week. I enjoyed a scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone this afternoon too. Summer food gets me in the most trouble, way more than the feasts at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Luckily, I exercise moderation most times! I hope everyone else is thoroughly enjoying all that summer has to offer too.

Speaking of addicting, I have over 400 pins on my Pinterest account! Click the Pinterest button on the right sidebar to view them. Definitely check out the Italia board! This is just one of the Italian (and summery) images I've collected recently...

Right before I was about to click "Publish," my apartment community's mailman knocked on my door and delivered a box from one of my friends who just visited, F. She is very talented in terms of arts and crafts, so I am most excited to open something from her. I unwrapped this framed piece of embroidery...

Isn't it fantastic? I love it! I'm touched. Grazie F! I also loved that it arrived as a surprise.


  1. What a good friend to send you something that is beautiful and so fitting for you!

    Now if I could just find friends who enjoy wasting a couple hours with wine on a terrace I'd be happy. Why does it seem so hard to find people our age who actually enjoy life?

    1. Isn't she? :)

      You're invited over here, Kate!

      It does become more difficult to make new friends starting after college graduation or, you know, around age 22. And maybe it's a bit of an American thing not to truly embrace the simple pleasures and, just, idleness... "Bel far niente" (which means "the beauty of doing nothing"). Does everything have to be ...big? Both of us have lived abroad. I know that the Italian Sunday is for time off. And August! :)