Monday, June 18, 2012

Things To Do: Summer 2012 Edition: Update + The Search For The Perfect Red Nail Polish

I have been enjoying my summer so far and hope you have to! In this post, I listed the things I wanted to do soon that were quintessentially summer to me.

I can cross this one off my list:

6. have a professional pedicure and then show it off in strappy sandals

I have been showing off my pedicure in flat sandals with silver straps, something like these. 
This particular pair could be their replacement when it is time to retire them.

Friday afternoon, I treated myself to a professional pedicure. It was such a nice experience. Plus, a timely one; I like the idea of doing so at the start of summer to get my feet ready for sandals.

I can count the number of pedicures I've had at a salon on one hand and they have all been since my first one last July. I have always been more interested in saving money for Italy or spending it on other things, but I think I am changing my mind... a couple few a year would be fabulous. I would rather spend my funds on experiences, like this, than things in life.

I chose OPI Red for my color. I like it, even though it is not actually red, but reddish pink with a dark pink shimmer instead. When I raved about the color during its application, the nail technician told me it was one of her customers' signature; she never strayed from it. Even though I do like a change, I like that idea. At least I could have a rotation of, say, three or four signature polishes...

This morning, I visited Trade Secret to do some shop research as I am now in search of a shimmery red by the brand I am devoted to, OPI. Their nail lacquer always wins the 'longest-lasting' category of any test. I think the shimmer helps to conceal my very imperfect home paint jobs. Maybe I should improve my skills since there isn't a shimmery red red among the classic shades or even the current collections.

As a resource, I have explained the closest options below:

California Raspberry is my new favorite; it is a dark pink with matching or even silvery shimmer. I already own it.
It's All Greek To Me is my old favorite; it's very close to California Raspberry but has a golden shimmer... Own this one too.
Big Apple Red which is the perfect red, not pinkish or orangey. It is flat, without shimmer. Got it.
OPI Red like I previously stated is a reddish pink with dark pink shimmer. This is what I'm currently wearing.
A Oui Bit of Red whose very reddish pink color falls in between the shades of OPI Red and Big Apple Red has shimmer. You may have noticed that I love a name that references a place or culture. This may be a winner... Honestly, it would probably look red all the way down on my toes...

California Raspberry                              OPI Red

I want to be sure since it is $8.50 a pop! Heck, even if it was 85 cents, I rarely purchase anything unless it is perfect anymore. As I am looking for a signature shade, I would love a classic color over one from a collection soon to be discontinued.

A Oui Bit of Red might be perfect... Even though I've only checked out a single store (with better lighting than the nail salon I just visited) and I am obviously picky about it, that's enough research for something fun.

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