Sunday, June 17, 2012

Style Sunday: White Top

I have shared my love for the tailored white button down shirt on this blog.

In perusing my style board on Pinterest, I find that I have collected many pins of outfits with white tops.

I love it with a tailored blazer, blue jeans, a great handbag and great shoes.

Here, I would change the bracelet, especially the color.

I like to complete an outfit with a white t-shirt using a cardigan and accessories.

(On Pinterest, the original source wasn't used, but I actually recognized it as a Boden USA top. 
I discovered this catalogue company on Pinterest.)

I love this, but would actually like to see the jewelry and scarf in a bright color.

I wish that the white top wasn't so long here. It simply would not work on my hips.
I also do not care for so much distressing on the jeans; let's not highlight my thighs either!
I like the color combination.

I like so much about this outfit, but I love the classic diamond studs most of all.

If I am pairing the white top with blue jeans, my favorite is...

Levi's 515 Misses Mid-Rise Classic Boot Cut Jean in a Darker Wash
I also love jean capris and skirts.

It doesn't have to be paired with jeans though...

Here, with an A-line skirt.

...endlessly versatile...

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