Monday, June 4, 2012

Style Sunday: Bedroom Window Panels

I am sorry that I did not post on Sunday. I tried morning, 'noon and night, but, alas, signing in only produced a blank webpage, so I was unable to draft a new post. First thing this morning, I posted on a Blogger help forum and this guy recommended a download of a new browser, Chrome, to determine if it was my browser or my computer failing. As you can see, I am able to write soon after downloading it this afternoon, so it must be a problem with my Internet Explorer 8. I will have to reply to the guy and look into how to repair the issue...

Anyway, I've been waiting for someone to help me install my curtain rod in my bedroom since March and my dad finally came over while I was working on Saturday afternoon.

The curtain rod is a brushed nickel with a cage-like finial on each end. It is installed about six inches above the window, but also six inches below the ceiling, so that I have the two panels ending just above the carpet. Floor-to-ceiling drapes seem to be a current trend. Arranged much like the picture above, this pair covers two-thirds of the large window width-wise. I need another panel or two to completely cover it. I love them already. They really do help to complete the room. I hope it is a lavish feel because they are red and silky.

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