Monday, June 11, 2012

Job Interview

I had my big job interview today and I think I did alright. I know I was visibly nervous. Since I want the job (and "my big break" into my field of choice) so much, I couldn't seem to relax during the meeting. I know that I conveyed my excitement for the opportunity in a couple of my replies.

In hindsight, I could have added so much more to each answer. However, I do not think I bombed it since I answered all of her questions and actually do qualify for the position. Plus, I dressed appropriately for an interview. I performed much better during the phone interview. I hope that I am still in the running and I suppose we will see. They are taking their time in choosing to fill two positions because the company is growing, so I will have to wait again. It is a relief to know that my in-person interview is over.

I chatted with an employee while waiting for the director. I was impressed with what both of them said. It seems like a good company and work that I would love to do. I also enjoyed the vibe there, open and close-knit for collaboration. Of course, everyone is well-traveled.

I hope I get it! Won't you hope or pray for me? It's what I/we can do at this point...

***edit: I sent a thank you letter via email and snail mail, so now all I can do is to keep my fingers crossed.


  1. Io sono sicuro tu avrai una bella notizia molto presto.
    Un augurio e una preghiera per te dall'Italia.