Monday, June 4, 2012

High Hopes

In this post, I wrote that I had a phone interview ...and... I did very well, so well, in fact, that I scored an in-person interview on Monday, June 11th. When I excitedly told people about the possibility of breaking into my career field of choice, they wondered why it was scheduled so far into the future, about two and a half weeks away. I didn't realize how long it was until I had to wait for it! It is still a week away!

As Monday is my regular day off, my mom and I visited Annapolis, Maryland this morning to see where my potential new workplace and its closest parking garage (just a block away and around the corner!) were located. We discovered that the building is a historic one, over 100 years old. It was a perfect day to explore the area, 72 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. We walked 3/4 mile in this beautiful weather to a nearby apartment community where I toured the teeny bedrooms of a nice, upgraded two bedroom apartment. I hope my queen-size bed, a nightstand and my beautiful jewelry armoire fit! Nonetheless, I could visualize myself living there. Even with an electric stove! If I had to rid myself of some of my Target furniture, then that is fine with me. All pieces were cheap anyway. I actually swim in my 681 square foot one bedroom apartment home now. The smaller space would simply be a quick adjustment for me. I always shake my head at the people on the home hunting TV shows who want lots and lots of space. We also walked and drove around just a bit in search of "For Rent" signs on old townhouses, many with historical markers posted on them.

As most of Annapolis happens to be high end and is known to be expensive, I could not afford to live in a one bedroom apartment there. I plan to share a home with a roommate in order to cut down on my expenses. I just have to find this roommate! I adore my apartment home now and it makes me extremely happy all the time. ...but I do not think it will forever. I cannot afford much other than rent, my bills, and pasta. I do not go out much. Lover of travel that I am, I hardly have a budget for trips at all. So, it is definitely time for a change. I am pleased that I can make this change and in doing so, I will dramatically improve my financial situation. I would pay about what I pay now with an employee discount (a bit less in rent a month but more in fees) and would have a significant raise to devote to actually enjoying life, yes, but mostly to pay down my debt. I can hold myself responsible for it and face my debt on a daily basis in a way I have not in a long while, definitely since I have moved into my current place. I can actively pay it down on top of living the lessons I learned over the past few months- how to budget and to live minimally. This is a good financial move. I just have to land the job first. That statement seems to be my mantra lately!

I love Annapolis and really hope I get this job and have the opportunity to live there. I cannot wait to explore, find a new routine, have money in my wallet, and meet new people. I have already started researching businesses in each area online. I love the websites CraigslistWalk Score and yelp so far. Ditching the suburbs, I could return to a city! I do not tell people where I currently live as it is simply not a good match for me, but I would volunteer the information that I live in this state capital.

As you can tell, my hopes are very high! Wish me luck!