Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love Pinterest

I now have 250 pins!

My 250th Pin
on the board entitled "Style: Clothing + Accessories"
which I have also added to my Wishlist

My other boards are Cin Cin! (which is what Italians can say in toasting, so I have collected images of clinking beverage glasses here), Italia, Entertaining, Home Decor, World Traveler and Motivation.

My busiest boards are Home Decor (with 71 pins) and Entertaining (59). I love being inspired there.

An example filed under Home Decor:

Inspired by this, I recently purchased a white bath and hand towel.

From my Entertaining board:

I hope I can enjoy this recipe on this balcony this summer!

If you are interested in joining this invitation-only website, let me know. I can send an invite your way.

If you are interested in following all my pins or a particular board of mine, you can search for "italiagal" or click this link:
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*edit: I also added a Pinterest button on the right sidebar.

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