Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Exciting Job Opportunity

I want a career in international education. Specifically, I would like to work in a study abroad office on a college campus. I've actually volunteered in this very environment. In such a position, I would get to talk about Italy travel all day, with an enthusiastic audience who I would imagine to be pretty receptive of the idea of taking a leap, undergraduates. At least I was! I was thrilled (albeit nervous) to spend a semester in Italy. Plus, I took quite the leap of faith because not only was I going to a non-English-speaking country, but I remember boarding the plane knowing that the Italians had not yet finalized where I would live! Va bene. ("It goes well." Southern Europeans eventually get things accomplished.)

Back in 2008, when I had my quarter-life crisis and left art history, I went for an informational interview, where I picked the brain of a study abroad coordinator. She recommended subscription to a listserv for professionals in the field because some of the postings advertise job vacancies. So, I've been receiving about thirty emails a weekday for the past four years! They sure do fill up my inbox quickly! I've applied to just a few jobs a year, to the few ones I like and for which I am qualified. It seems entry-level jobs went out the window in the recession.

A particular opportunity has piqued my interest recently. If I get this, I would have finally broken into my dream field! Plus, this company's office is located in lovely Annapolis, Maryland. With help from my friends, I emailed my revised resume and cover letter. Even more excited to have heard back, I scheduled a phone interview for Wednesday afternoon. I will simply give it my all. ...and then, we'll see. I am ready for a change.

Wish me luck! In Italian, one says, in bocca al lupo or "in the wolf's mouth." I suppose it's the equivalent of "break a leg."


  1. This is Nathan.

    Glad you heard back from them. We're very excited for you. In French, they would say, 'merde!' (Break a leg)