Sunday, April 1, 2012

Style Sunday: Birthday Wish List

In addition to the terra cotta potted dark pink azalea bush and my celebratory trip to Boston that I posted about before, I would love something from my amazon Wish List for my upcoming birthday. (Or you may search for the list entitled "Apartment + Style Accessories" by Michelle Lynne.) I have listed some books, some clothes, some shoes but mostly furnishings for my apartment home. Although I may have to purchase the espresso maker myself soon because I killed mine last week ...and have been going through espresso withdrawl since!

Something little from my list...

I love owls!
I love that they're a symbol for wisdom
and I was technically an owl for a semester at Temple University 
and it's actually an Italy memory for me. You see, I searched for murano glass owls 
with the girl I hung out with during my first  trip to Italy because she loved them.
I already have a spot on my bookshelf for it already!

And something big...

I have always wanted a carved wooded screen.
This would decorate my living room.

My birthday is just 2 weeks away on April 15th! I absolutely love birthdays, so I can't wait!

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