Sunday, April 15, 2012

Style Sunday: Alittle Lace

When this post is published, it will be my 28th birthday! And I'll be in Boston!

Anyway, on to the subject of style.

I hardly buy any new clothing, but happened to hit the mills mall on Monday and spontaneously purchased this black sleeveless v-neck cotton blend top with lovely lace overlay on the top, front. My sister works at the store, the Ann Taylor Factory Store, so I could have used her discount but the sale discount was even better. Usually I don't like trends, but this item stood out as something I would actually purchase. I've gotten so picky and will only spend my teeny bit of slush money on a piece of clothing if it's absolutely perfect. Not only does it look nice on me, but it feels pretty comfortable too. I am thrilled to wear a new article of clothing sometime on my trip to Boston. Maybe Saturday night.


  1. Ciao Michelle,

    I wish you can live a very happy and unforgettable day, and everything you've dreamed of in your life may come true very soon.

    Happy Birthday from Italy!!!!!


  2. Hope you had an amazing birthday! Love the top. I'm a fan of a little lace. Pics from your birthday? I've never been to Boston!