Sunday, April 29, 2012


In this post, I actually promised multiple entries throughout the past week, but have been so busy that I have failed to get them in. I plan on writing as much as possible today and tomorrow. I will post on the subjects promised in addition to today's Style Sunday, hopefully drafting most of them on these next two days off of mine and to be posted this week. I'll do my best.

Even though I have adopted a regular sleep schedule (including rising early even on days off in order to get things done) and a fairly regular cleaning schedule (of my beloved apartment home) since about New Year's, I still need to make a routine of working on posts a few days a week. I also need to sit down to write to my Italian penpal on a weekly basis since she has been without a letter for a long while now. I am an awful penpal to her! It seems I am good at cultivating good habits and just need to keep going with it. I like that this public forum will make me hold myself accountable even more. I am usually a woman of my word.

I left my camera cord at a friend's during the week I was without a reliable internet connection and didn't bring my camera cord to upload my pictures from Boston back to my place until Thursday morning.

Three recent highlights...

The Friday before last, my mom and I went to see The Lucky One. How could I say "no" when she asked me to go to see "a Michelle movie?" As either love stories or romantic comedies are often called that among different circles of mine. It was good. After the movie, my mom and I went out to a very nice bar to eat dinner and have a drink. I had a French Dip sandwich and it was very delicious. She raved over her cup of cream of crab. Not to say that the food isn't great, but usually the drinks are the real stars here... The food this time was amazing.

Wednesday night, J took me to an opera his cousin stage managed at the University of Maryland. It was pretty entertaining, but it being a weeknight, we ducked out halfway through, at intermission.

Friday night, I prepared dinner for two of my girlfriends. I served Shake 'N Bake porkchops, fresh green beans and mashed potatoes. After that and lots of girl talk, we went out for a snowball from a stand they love. I ordered a root beer one, which is my old favorite flavor. Since I worked at a snowball stand for at a couple of summers around ages 15-16 and consumed all concoctions all day, I've actually tired of them and can count the number of snowballs I've had since quitting that job on one hand. My first spoonful of it really took me back, back to those memories. It was really good. My friends reported that they loved this place for their high quality marshmellow, but the snowball without it was great too. I'll have to go back sometime this summer...

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