Sunday, March 25, 2012

Style Sunday: Window Curtains

I've had a couple of curtain panels for my bedroom window for months now. Although, I probably need two more to be right for my big bedroom window! Anyway, last weekend I finally worked a silver curtain rod into my budget. Hopefully one of the maintenance guys on property can install it for me. I've already asked once last weekend.

I can hardly wait to have them up! The panels are thermal, which will be nice to keep the sun's warmth out during the upcoming summer (and spring!). Lined twice, they will also block more light than my blinds do. Almost floor to ceiling, they are faux-silk and the deep red that is my pop color in the bedroom. Not only will they complete the room, I hope that they add a touch of luxury.


  1. Make your space stylish with such curtain ideas. I think they work really well.

  2. These curtains panels are beautiful and a very rich color. It is a good value for the money.