Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reflecting on New Year's Resolutions

I am reflecting on my progress of my New Year's Resolutions two full months into the year on this Leap Day. (I love this special day, I hope I do something out-of-the-ordinary in celebration!)

To review, this year I resolved:

1. To diligently work towards the life I want.
I just noticed a shift this week. I always wanted to live in Italy again and have been using the word "when" instead of "if" with my parents to get them used to the idea, but I think it finally and really settled into my own mindset too! I will really be an expat in Italy one day; that's one of things I want in life and know will make me happy. Hopefully, I will make this happen in the next decade. To do so, I need to get out of debt as well as create savings. For that, I need to overhaul my life, which is fine. I need to lower by expenses by changing my living situation. Living alone in an apartment home is my dream come true and I am truly cherishing it at the moment. It was also my choice; I am aware that I put myself in this situation. As a short-term solution, I have asked my sister to move in, but, unfortunately, she declined. I hope to land a job in the International Education field. On the field's professional listserv, there are the most job vacancies in the spring and summer, which is coming up! Maybe if I have to relocate for a job, I will move in with roommates, and thus pay less rent. I can use the money I'm no longer dedicating to rent to pay down debt. I feel like I could starting to be ready for a big change.

Particularly poverty-stricken this week, I have revised my resume, so I can apply for part-time employment soon, for right now (and now that my workplace is fully-staffed and thus more stable). (As of this post, I handed it in once to hear that they're not hiring.) I am trying to be positive in my current situation, seeing that I have personally created a beautiful home and full life from little money and learning every single day to live with less (and very little!). I know this frugality will serve me well later in life, that it allows for a better life. When I do spend, I appreciate the thing or experience more when I don't have it so often. I cannot wait 'til my birthday weekend in Boston! This attitude does make me want less, but so often and overall it does not feel like it. I still want want want. It's okay if my lifestyle does not change the fact that I am fundamentally a spender; I simply do not wish to ever be in such debt that it prohibits me from doing what I want to do in life again. Thank God for good books from the library. (My current read is Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart.) And for the generosity of others. And for daydreaming to get me through.

Another thing is, I haven't cracked open my old Italian textbook yet to relearn the basics. I'll do this in March.

2. To live a more chic life.
I wanted to get up earlier and have breakfast each morning and I actually have, for weeks now! As a result, I feel more alert each day. It's easier to get up earlier when it's consistent. After waking, I make myself presentable for the day, so I can be up for anything and look good doing it! It's very Italian to always look your best, fare la bella figura (to make a good figure). At the end of the day, I've been trying to add more to my nightly beauty routine. I purchased a new pore-minimizing/ exfoliating cleanser sometime in January, and in addition to washing my makeup off with soap, have been using it a lot lately. I also have been trying to use mouthwash after each time I brush my teeth. My next step would be to start flossing with any regularity at all. I also have been washing dishes sooner than I have before. This is the chore I hate and most often procrasinate on. The rest of my apartment always looks great! I pride myself on taking care of what matters.

Ideally, I want to look as polished as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge does, everyday!

On a side note, this image reminds me of one of the latest posts on one of the blogs I follow, The Simply Luxurious Life. In this wonderful post about intentionally creating yourself, she cites Catherine as an example. Read this amazing advice here.

Also, in hopes of learning more about Catherine (no longer Kate!), I devoured two books on Will and Kate's relationship recently! I adore her.

3. To blog more frequently.
This is the fourth day in a row that I posted! Are you falling off your chair? Having a weekly series (Style Sunday) helps, makes me post. Again, cultivating good habits works. Since I write about my values-based lifestyle, it holds me accountable in keeping these personal development resolutions, which is great.

I'll keep you guys updated on my progress.

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