Thursday, February 2, 2012


Respect is about treating others how you want to be treated. It is considerate treatment of both yourself and anyone or anything other than you.

As a considerate individual, I'm all about respect and have been especially frustrated with a lot of disrespect lately, hence this following advice...

10 Ways to Show Respect:

1. Go to appointments.
2. Contact the person you're meeting prior to the appointment time if unable to make it at all or on time.
3. Be on time. If you are late, you are saying that your time is more important than someone else's.
4. Don't hang up on someone. Even if you're not interested, at least quickly state that you are not interested and a salutation before hanging up.
5. Don't ignore people. Even if you're not interested in, say, a salesperson's pitch, look the speaker in the eye, say "no thanks" and move on.
6. Turn off or silence your cell phone when necessary, appropriate, after asked and not the entire time you're in a small store with an attentive salesperson.
7. Take care of yourself and your things and especially things you are borrowing from someone else. Return borrowed items in a timely manner.
8. Clean up after yourself, especially when living with others.
9. Do not be excessively noisy, especially when living close to others in an apartment building.
10. Be nice. Do not be mean, out loud, on purpose.

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