Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest: 100th Pin

I <3 Pinterest!

You've heard of this, right? "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard." You post/pin photos from the internet on your own folders or "boards." I love having my collection of inspiration and aesthetics organized. I am also constantly inspired by the other creative pinners. Plus, it's social. Do you pin? If you're not on it already and interested in membership, it's by invitation only and I can send one your way, just let me know. I actually joined after reading about it on a couple of blogs.

Anyway, I just pinned my 100th image. This one:

Shelley over at Un'americana a Roma recently blogged (again, and rightfully so!) about this "heavenly" find. (Read it here.) It's an espresso with chocolate in it and cream and cocoa on top. She discovered it at Cafffe Camerino in Rome. I would love to try it and thought it was beautiful, so I pinned it onto my "Italia" board.

In addition to my "Italia" board, I have six other ones. I pin photos of clinking wine glasses in a toast like this one onto "Cin Cin!:" 

["Cin cin!" is what Italians say to toast.]

...and really fun things like these [among more sophisticated selections, trust me!] go to "Entertaining:"



...and my fourth board is "Home Decor" for future home style inspiration like this:

...and I collect images concerning travel to everywhere else but Italy on the board entitled "World Traveler:"

...and recently I added the board called "Style: Clothing + Accessories" with its pins like this one:

...and I've only virtually tacked a single image to my last board I titled "Motivation" so far.

You can search for and "follow" me and my boards. Under "People," I can be found using the same identifying information I have here: Michelle from Maryland and the handle "italiagal." And could be found by pin or board using the details above.

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