Sunday, January 22, 2012

Style Sunday: My Style Statement

I read Style Statement: Live by your own design. by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte after Fiona of How To Be Chic wrote that she was reading it and working through its exercises here and here awhile ago.

This Style Statement is just two words describing your style. The first word captures 80% of your style, your foundation. The second term counting for 20% is your creative edge.

This book helps you figure your two-word Style Statement.

I love exploring identity and personality, so I am pleased to have another label. I am, afterall, an INFJ, the Myers-Briggs personality type that is further labeled "the author" (Please Understand Me: Character & Temperament Types by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates) and always appreciate the perfect words/ description. And now, without further ado, my two-word style statement is...

Sophisticated Passionate

I love the word "sophisticated." I was raised to be independent-minded (even though the lesson that nonconformity is okay took awhile to reach my core) and always wanted to be an adult. When I say I want to be and look "grown up," I mean I want to look always put together, polished, even effortlessly stylish. I also appreciate that care and thought goes into sophistication. I always say I am a student, to the core. I love to learn and am a hardworking, straight A student. I am always working to perfect so many things of mine. I am very willing to put in the effort. I strive to look and have my space reflect who I truly am and what I love. I do a good job of only keeping what I love and actually use. Sophisticated is reflecting good taste, yes, but, really, quintessentially my taste. And my taste tends towards the classic. Timeless, not trendy. I like that being sophisticated is very intentional. Not simply going through the motions. I truly believe life is what you make it and I desire to have a wonderful life. I want to full appreciate this life as well. I try my best to practice this values-based living. Practically, this intentional style is reflected in the fact that I never look like I fell out of bed. Instead, that I look like I put some effort in and look like me every single day. Even though spontaneity can be great, I prefer to have a plan. I'm all about planning. In addition, I find that a sophisticated individual has a broader worldview beyond their immediate location. Different cultural experiences enrich life and has transformed my life. Since sophisticated is a deep, complex style, this cultural component is evident in my style.

Synonyms for and what Sophisticated means to me:

adult, dignified, thoughtful, knowledgable, refined, defined, meaningful, significant, symbolic, deep, intentional, polished, poised, put together, takes care of oneself, clean lines, neat, organized, decluttered, tailored, structured, knows what flatters, classic, timeless, never goes out of style, anti-trend, tasteful, elegant, little black dress, dresses up for an occasion, old fashioned, old world, modernized, quality, rich, quiet, complex, custom-made, seemingly effortless, at ease, classy, formal, traditional, modest, legacy, signature style, respectful, well mannered, worldly, cultured, cosmopolitan, cultivated, experienced, seasoned, studied, expertise, precise, planner, punctual, consistent

My personal creative edge is the lively passionate.

Synonyms for and what Passionate means to me:

feeling, interested, bold, saturated, vibrant, jewel tones, sensual, enthusiastic, exciting, lively, vivacious, happy, bright, color, happy, aesthetic, beauty, loud, hungry

I loud this pairing of words. One is all about understated study and the other about lively interest.

I hope this translates into my style-- both my wardrobe and home design. I often wear neutrals including crisp white with a pop of saturated, bold color, like in a scarf from Italy or pair of earrings. I also often wear a suit to work. My current favorite work ensemble is a lavender and white striped shirt and a classic charcoal gray pant suit. I love the lavender and charcoal color combination. I hope my passion comes through in wearing and carrying accessories in the form of my beloved quatrefoil. I'll always wear earrings I love. Since I live up the stairs from where I work, I often slip on my black or pewter ballet flats even though I know it's too cold for them right now. After 9 to 5, my winter uniform is a v-neck shirt or sweater possibly over a camisole with dark blue bootcut jeans and skinny heeled black or brown boots. My black winter single-breasted trench coat and a bright scarf top this uniform when I venture outside. I also always carry my dark red handbag which is a structured tote (by Kenneth Cole New York).

The style of each of my rooms of my apartment home is also done in neutrals with pops of color, usually deep red since my favorite color, that particular shade of dark pink-- azalea, raspberry, more red/ pink than the purplish fuschia, is more difficult to find in home items. My neutrals cannot be blah either. I love crisp white, charcoal grey, chocolate or espresso brown, black, silver, pewter. I do own alittle bit of what you would call beige, but I prefer to call it cream! I also do not particularly care for pastels, but I'm currently trying to give a couple of them a shot, considering them a neutral and only when it's a fantastic color combination with a pop color.

My Bedroom

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