Friday, January 6, 2012

*happy planning*

I am such a planner!

I am collaborating with my Italian penpal on my menu for the Italian Sunday dinner I will be hostessing next month because I want it to be fairly traditional. I will be serving antipasti (appetizers), a primo piatto (or first course of pasta) and a secondo piatto (small second course of a meat and vegetable or potato). With wine of course. Once decided, I will post the menu here. Grazie to B for helping me out so far! I can hardly wait for the day!

I have also decided how I would like to celebrate my all-important birthday in April. There's nothing like being out-of-town for the occasion ...and I have settled on Boston, a place I've been dying to visit for years. I've been all around it but never to the actual city. For budget reasons, I am only visiting for two days one night, a weekend, but, nonetheless, it should be fabulous. I'm flying up with one of my favorite travel buddies, J. My friend F, who I visited in New Haven last July, is meeting us there.

I have already devoured an entire guidebook! I really want to have a cappuccino and pastry in the very Italian part of town, along Hanover and Salem Streets in the North End, perhaps on my birthday morning. The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum will be another stop. The favorite place of this well-traveled patron of the arts was Venice. In fact, she designed her museum to resemble a Venetian palazzo. And art history was my major in college; I love a good art museum.

the planner's purchase

Since F is Irish, I suggested listening to live Irish music in a pub with her. This is something we enjoyed a couple of times in college. I love live music! I hope to do some kind of tour since this'll be my first time to the city. F teased me about the Duck tours and the guidebook author actually promoted it, so maybe I'll consider it... I believe I did one in the Wisconsin Dells fifteen years ago... Anyway, J would particularly enjoy a tour too. I really want to hear what F and J want to do before I plan anymore myself! I have been researching hotels for the past couple of days. I have also requested the Saturday off that weekend from work today. The office is closed on Sundays already. I hope to start setting some stuff in stone soon.

Does anyone have a must-see or must-do or must-eat in Boston for me?

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