Sunday, December 11, 2011

*Season's Greetings*

Happy Holidays to all!

Here's my perfect little four-foot-tall Christmas tree:

I am hostessing a Christmas party here next weekend. The theme is "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry." I love the invitations I sent via I am so poor, but I still really wanted to throw one, so I think I can manage a small casual potluck cocktail party. I am serving cheese and crackers, Coor's Light, red and white wine, holiday M&Ms, my own chocolate chip cookies and Panettone (which is the traditional Italian Christmas cake/bread mentioned in my previous post) at the very least. One of my friends is bringing some Coke, which really helps me out. The invitation instructs my guests to bring finger foods, Christmas cookies or the ingredients of a holiday cocktail. Any food, drink, or merriment would be fantastic. I am also limited in time since I get off from work just two hours after I've asked my guests to arrive. Luckily, I simply arrange most of my eat and drink offerings. I can whip up Betty Crocker's chocolate chip cookies in fifteen minutes flat. And I can decide what to wear beforehand. I love dressing up a bit for occasions. Even though I wish it could be a fancy feast with some sort of gift or ornament exchange, I think it's nice to throw something casual and absolutely no pressure at my guests during this stressful time of year. This holiday in Italy is about eating (and eating), yes, but more about togetherness, than something big, consumerist, and ...American. I think it'll be fun.

Panera's Panettone

Love this. I bought two of these from Crate & Barrel, perfect for my party theme.


  1. This sounds delightful! This season is about getting together with friends and those you love to celebrate, but it doesn't have to be over the top. I am sure it will be a great party.

  2. I agree! It's all about togetherness.

    Everyone seems to be RSVPing yes! I think it will be a great party. I can't wait now! And anyway, I overdid the food for my apartmentwarming party. Time for the basics, right? And to simply enjoy the season.