Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ramblings from Michelle's Day Off


I had a dentist appointment today, just a six month cleaning. I love my dentist and his assistant. They are so nice, and Dr. Johnson is a traveler like me, so we talked about the art of Italy, the food of Philadelphia, and the shows of New York this time around. It's nice that going to the dentist isn't such a chore. ...which makes for going in to fill a small cavity in January a bit better too. I truly believe life is all about attitude. I'm trying to be optimistic, so there you go.

I also update the two of them on my life every six months. Since the summer, I've moved into my beautiful one bedroom. This year, I started a new job in a new field and changed my living situation. That is a lot, but I feel like a change already! Don't get me wrong, I adore my apartment. I have truly cherished living here for the past three and a half months. Everything reflects me, which I love, and I often entertain in my own space. One of my life goals was to live alone again and I have enjoyed it. However, it might be time to move on, to move forward with my life. This is how goal-oriented I am! If I want to move to Italy and live there for as long as I can in the next five to ten years, all of my money now shouldn't go towards rent, but savings and to pay down debt. Right now, my work situation is just a bit unknown. I'm sure I'll update on that more later, as it develops. So, I may wait until things work out there until I make major decisions. I usually am very decisive, so it's weird that I'm not set on a change, or not to change. I can see me saying that I'm ready at the new year though, a perfect time for being motivated for something new. If I stay or go at work, I may invite my sister to live with me. Although I'm not sure if she would want to, with me being so wide open to change, thus being an unstable roommate. With this job, I'm not locked into a lease. I certainly have enough space in my spacious 681 square foot one bedroom for her. And since I could see myself living in those tiny apartments half this size that they show on House Hunters International, one of my most watched shows lately. I couldn't see us affording anything more than a one bedroom! It would be nice to live with her. Not perfect, but, like I said, I thoroughly enjoyed a pretty perfect place while I had it. I could charge her what she could afford and that much could go towards debt per month for me. As soon as I figure out what is happening at work, I may offer it to her. I could also just move to a Northeastern city and live with roommates. I don't have any attachments, other than being in student loan and credit card debt, my anchor weighing me down a bit. Of course, living in Philadelphia again would be a dream. In addition, I would love to finally break into the Internation Education field as well. Yeah... I might really be ready for a change... I know I'll figure it all out.

Anyway! After the dentist, I went out for a cup of hot chocolate. Starbucks truly does their's so well! I also hit the nearby Pier 1 Imports intent on just browsing, but I couldn't resist one of their adorable wine bottle stoppers that I had already seen in a mailing. That $8 is a splurge is yet another change over the last year! Isn't he cute? His carrot nose is stuck up in the air like a little wine snob!

I am excited to go over to my parents' for dinner. My dad had made lasagna and my mom is serving it tonight. I've never made lasagna before and have always wanted to try it... I've been thinking of having an Italian-style Sunday afternoon dinner lately. A pasta first course and a meat and vegetable second course, with wine, as the Italians do. It can't be too big until I have more funds or advance my culinary skills though! I'd love to make that a routine, but maybe I should ask my friends at my party what they think Saturday night... and start it following football season!

I am looking forward to my small Christmas cocktail party this Saturday night! The RSVPs are often yes or at least maybe. It's shaping up to be a great time. I love to entertain... I am also hoping that I can convince my girlfriends that wanted to see the movie New Years Eve to go see it after a couple hours of partying...

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