Sunday, November 6, 2011

*Vacation Days*

I'm using three or four vacation days this week before they expire at year end. I have to say that with the extra hour of sleep from Daylight Savings Time ending, my vacation started off pretty well.

After an errand and browsing Home Goods while waiting for the library to open today, I hit the library for a stack of books to enjoy all vacation long and then stopped by Starbucks for their delicious, decadent hot chocolate. (I know this is mentioned two posts in a row; I'm addicted.) My afternoon was interrupted by my Carbon Monoxide detector going off, but luckily I have connections working on the property and stresslessly called the maintenance guy right over. Perhaps this is a sign that I should spend some time outside of my apartment...

J's Photo of the Fancy Hot Chocolate at Cafe Florian in Venice

You would think that lover of travel that I am, I would go away during my vacation time, but, unfortunately, with bills, I am so very poor until next paycheck, that I simply cannot afford it. On Thursday, however, I am getting out of town though, if only to Annapolis, the next town over. The city has a lovely 18th Century Main Street, full of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. A friend and I are strolling down it that afternoon. I'm excited. If I have out-of-town friend visiting or a big event to celebrate, I often go to Annapolis. I think that's the only day of the week when rain is forecasted, oh well...

View of Main Street from the Italian Restaurant Piccola Roma

In addition to reading and my daytrip, I have to figure out fabulous ways to spend the rest of my vacation! Without spending any money... I have already arranged for some friends to come over a couple of evenings. Maybe I can catch a How I Met Your Mother marathon on TV... (Legendary! LOL) I love that show yet rarely watch it... Not that I watch a lot of TV anyway. Or maybe I'll rent that new Ryan Reynolds/ Jason Bateman movie when it comes out on Tuesday. I love them both. The Change Up? Something like that. Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? Rentals are low cost. I would also love to walk on the bike trail in this beautiful fall weather we're having. Having gone to the grocery store last night, I have a few things to bake and I love baking and now cooking. In fact, I baked Crescents filled with chocolate chips already. I'm sure I'll think up plenty and have a fun yet relaxing vacation.

Here's to my vacation! Cin cin!

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