Thursday, November 24, 2011


Panettone is a sweet bread with pieces of fruit and other goodies in it. A google search brings up articles starting with facts like it is enjoyed at Christmas and New Year's in Italy and it is originally from Milan. It also commonly has this tall round shape with a big muffin top or dome, like an architectural cupola, how Italian, right?

Having only visited Italy in the spring, I do not believe I have ever tasted one... I've seen them in both Italian and American grocery stores, in their cardboard boxes with the picture of the confection on the front. I suppose the thing I know to compare it to is fruitcake, which everyone loves to hate. I don't think I've ever heard or read anything negative about this specialty though. I should try it.

An Italian Panettone

Maybe I should try an imported one, but Panera's Cranberry Walnut Panettone has me intrigued. It looks so good in the store (and in the photo above)! The clear plastic packaging shows off the product. Of course, it's the Panera twist on this "old-world classic" (I"ve yet to see where they specifically mention Italy or France or any other actual country).

This holiday treat is only available at Panera for limited time. It's available now, (for Thanksgiving) from November 22nd through the 24th and then from December 9th through December 24th. I might try it in December... Maybe I could bring it as a dessert for Christmas dinner or have it around here as a special dessert when I have company and maybe a leftover bit as a breakfast... If I do, I'll review it here.

I'd also like to send out my warm wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving! (In keeping with the food theme,) I hope it's filled with all of your favorite holiday foods!

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