Sunday, October 30, 2011

Very Merry

I figure since we had snowflakes falling from the sky (in October) yesterday, that the time of year for hot chocolate has arrived. I had my first cup at Panera this morning. I quite enjoyed it over the latest issue of Budget Travel, which has Venice on its cover. I've been there... This year. :)

Speaking of the winter season coming up, I love this...

"Eat, drink and be merry" is one of my favorite holiday quotes and themes! :) 

I also love fall, and I hope that everyone is having a fabulous fall weekend!


  1. Because of the coming baby we've been buying Christmas items early and that plate may have to be on the list! I'm already picturing it sitting on my coffee table piled with treats to have with coffee with a friend.

    The snow was insane, but what I love is that it seems to have given the trees notice that they were supposed to be getting their leaves ready for autumn! I've been loving driving around the area lately because the colors are beautiful!

  2. I have to have it too! It's on my amazon wishlist. I would be thrilled with a single one! Mine would most likely be topped with my perfect chocolate chip cookies, rather than traditional Christmas cookies.

    I love walking on the bike trail among such colors. The temperature's been great lately too! I'm really enjoying the fall weather. Not everyone enjoys four distinct seasons like us lucky Marylanders!