Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Apartment Home

My Apartment in Pictures


I hope you enjoy looking around.

My Bedroom

 My bedroom in charcoal gray, white and a pop of deep red.
The boxspring is simply covered in a queen-size fitted sheet.

 I love that photograph. I picked it up on South Street when I lived in Philadelphia. I put it over my kitchen sink in that apartment and have, unfortunately, splashed dirty dishwater on it. I put it in a frame right before moving into my current apartment.
I scored that throw pillow on etsy, bedbuggs.

I love the print on my duvet cover and shams, which are from West Elm.

 On my nightstand. The photograph can be found on the etsy shop for the amazing trekkerjen.
All my frames in the bedroom are black.

 One of my nightstands, Avington Collection,  Target.
I also have the chest topped with framed photos of me and friends.

A detail of my jewelry armoire, JC Penney. These panels remind me of rose windows of a duomo.

I love this modernized classic accent table from HomeGoods.

My Living Room

 That sofa is an absolute steal from Value City Furniture.
The end tables and cocktail table are again Avington Collection, Target.
The lamps are also from Target.
My Italian street art all hangs above the sofa.
The sofa is opposite a TV stand of the same collection. A old TV and several silver framed photos top it.

My throw pillows are, yet again, from Target.

My street art from Italia.

 Stacks of books on my coffee table shelf.

 Another stack. The top two were very thoughtful gifts.

On my cocktail table.

Detail of the knob of an end table.

My Kitchen
Cookbooks in the kitchen.

My Dining Room
I scored my dining table dirt cheap at Goodwill.
There's a haunted house currently on top for Halloween.

 That's a wrinkly old poster of Venezia that once adorned my college dorm walls.
I had it custom framed and matted.

 A closeup.

 My wine cabinet with wine glasses hanging.
(I need help filling the twelve spaces for wine!)
I have a large collection of so many types of glasses,
which pretty much fills up my linen closet.

My Desk Area

My desk area. The desk and file cabinet are Avington Collection.
I love my framed cork board leaning against the wall,
primarily filled with postcards from friends.
And that glass lamp, was on clearance
(and sold without its shade) from Target.
That chair is from Pier 1 Imports, cheap from when a location
was going out of business.
On it is a throw pillow with a cityscape on it, from Target.
I wouldn't mind replacing that bookshelf from IKEA.
As a person only owning what I love, I own around 100 books, which I try to impose as a limit.
Two whole cubes are full of Italy travel narratives.
I also have a small white ceramic owl from West Elm on my bookshelf,
among other little things I love.

 My Nina Garcia style books and a cute little lamp from Pier 1 on my EXPEDIT bookshelf.

Another shelf.
The white vase is cheap from Michael's. I love the white on the dark wood shelves.
And yeah... I'm travel-obsessed.

My very talented friend F made this for me and it hangs in my hallway.

My balcony which I love. I need to upgrade that furniture...
 ...and another one for good luck!


  1. Everything looks beautiful!

  2. I love the look of your apartment! It flows well, is cohesive, and seems to be very "you."