Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life As I Now Know It

The closest thing I have to a chandelier.
This Pier 1 Imports piece of wall art adorns my dining room.

My biggest life update is that... I'm in my new apartment and truly love it. I am just so happy to be living here. I'm pretty much settled in now, and have even had that apartmentwarming party I posted about. Everyone who has seen it has thought my new place "nice" and "cute." Nice and cute it is. And hopefully sophisticated! I love that my rather defined style is showing through in this apartment home. I am aware you guys have been waiting to see and hear all about it and that these are broad statements. I will gladly elaborate oh-so-much more on my beloved one bedroom soon, in multiple posts. However, here are some previews...

My beloved framed street art from Italy above my sofa.

A close-up of a corner in my kitchen. My love of red on display.
Red is my pop color among different neutrals in my kitchen, living room and bedroom.

There are a few things I still haven't done in my apartment yet. First, I still haven't gotten internet. I've been hopping onto a nearby unsecured connection and it fails every couple of minutes. Trying to post my last two guest posts with all the author's helpful links took much longer than if I had had an established personal connection. Pictures took forever too ...and that's why there's only one. I'm looking into getting internet only, without cable. After researching signal in my area, I can only set it up when I have the funds to do so. Maybe on payday this Friday... It takes more effort and patience to draft a post with a minimal internet. So that's my primary excuse for my lack of posts lately. Mi dispiace. ("I'm sorry.") Nonetheless, I am willing to make the effort and I am still happy to share.

Second, I'm also waiting for two table lamps to top my living room end tables to be delivered. I've only seen them online and hope I like them in person! They're a classic design with some marble which is an Italian touch, so I think I just might! Once I have some more lamp light and sunlight since it will be rainy for the next few days, I will post a plethora of pictures!

I want to thank Betsy again for her guest posts, which can be found here and here. Grazie. I absolutely adore them and hope you guys enjoyed them as well. With rent to pay, unfortunately, I will not be traveling as much as usual, and therefore was thrilled to have exciting trip narratives remain in the mix. She's certainly inspired me with her California travelogue as well as her travel tips. I'd love to hit so many places on the West Coast... Like the Getty Museum in LA, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Portland, Seattle,... I actually have an old college friend (another lover of Italy! You should hear us gush over our beloved country.) and family in Oregon, both of whom would be a blast to visit. Since the last time I was there was when I was about fifteen months old, I definitely need to check it all out again!

I had an apartmentwarming party last Sunday night. I set the time after the football game but before dinnertime. I served Italian antipasti and assorted beverages. On a painted rectangular platter inspired by an Italian tradition from Home Goods, I had regular and multigrain club crackers, triscuts, brie, pecorino romano, extra sharp cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, stuffed green olives and proscuitto. I had tortilla chips and salsa in a striped bowl set by Crate & Barrel. For even more carb's, I served breadsticks and a whole wheat baguette with butter and olive oil. I also served my sister's famous homemade meatballs, which are always a huge hit. Meatballs are part of the second course in Italy, but oh well. Va bene. ("It goes well.") As for beverages, I offered Coca-Cola, root beer, water, Coors Light, and Chianti Classico. I bought a couple of these things in a favorite spot of mine, an Italian market in Annapolis, a few towns away. The gentleman running the grocery store half of the establishment is so nice. I should try talking with him more, maybe slip in Italian words next time. I remember going the previous Monday night because wine is 25% off that day of the week.

Anyway, I had such a great time, especially with a glass of Chianti in hand. I got to hang out with several good friends. I dressed up and wore my black wrap dress (Ann Taylor) over a fancy black camisole (White House Black Market). I had a cheesy Italian dinner music CD playing in the background. Since turnout was on the low side, I have enjoyed leftovers for many of my meals since.

My cute invitation custom-printed at vistaprint.com.
(The thick pen obscures my address and phone number.)

The dining room table full of antipasti and drinks.

Today was my day off and I had a fun morning followed by a mellow afternoon. First thing, I hit the library where I browsed and checked out a biography on Audrey Hepburn written by her adoring son and a book of historical fiction concerning Venice. I leisurely flipped through the biography over a delicious cappuccino and pastry at Panera. After that, I dropped off my latest donation to the nearby Salvation Army.

I stopped in Pier 1 Imports (also conveniently nearby) to see another picture of the carved wooden screen I found online. The image in their furniture catalogue gives me a better idea of what it looks like. And I'm in trouble... It is lovely. I've always wanted one. Maybe I can spoil myself at Christmas... I have a spot for it in my living room and in my bedroom, serving as simply wall decoration in each space. It could alternate rooms.

On the way back, I visited Home Goods in order to spend my apartmentwarming gift gift card. (Don't you just love Home Goods?) I bought a large bowl with an Italian countryside scene painted on it, red poppies in the foreground. Some script runs up the right side of it and there's a post office ink stamp in the upper left corner. I also purchased a cheese (or chocolate!) grater (with a red handle of course). I daydream that I will throw a pasta dinner party in the future, served in this big, beautiful bowl.

After that, I wandered around the local Blockbuster hoping to find a good deal on DVDs since I'm considering forgoing cable. Good deals were to be had as there was a 10 to $20 table and a bigger 5 for $20 fixture. But being on such a budget, it's hard for me to spend on things I don't love so I actually walked out empty-handed. I hit the Target very close to my new place for a few things I needed, not even using the gift card I was recently given. I hope to save it to apply it towards a replacement coffee table that matches the rest of my furniture. I happened to use a gift card I already had, so this wasn't a particularly expensive morning, only expensive by my frugal standards. I came back to my apartment for a delicious lunch of party leftovers. Inspired by the Audrey Hepburn book, I also ordered Roman Holiday on amazon.com. That's something I love and thus is a DVD that's worth the money. Definitely worth the cheap $6.03 cost including shipping. I think I may go through an Audrey Hepburn phase like my recent Coco Chanel one.

This afternoon, I just hung out, went online while having a movie and a half play in the background. It was relaxing, which is good because work's been crazy since Hurricane Irene over three, four weeks ago. (Since I am very much a work-to-live person and like to leave work behind at 5 pm plus don't like to complain anyway, those are the only details you'll get about that, at least in this post.) I've been invited to have dinner at a friend's, so I will continue to perfect this entry later tonight.

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