Sunday, August 7, 2011

Botched Yet Better

In the last week, my plans have been turned upside down ...but then they turned out anyway.

Two of the wrongs gone right:

I planned to have a pool day on my day off Thursday and go with my mom who loves herself a beach or pool. But we wake up and it's overcast and 75 degrees out. (Yeah..., during this summer.) So during the afternoon, we go out to lunch to this place I discovered a couple of months before. There, we had the most delicious pit beef and pit ham sandwiches! Pit beef is my favorite sandwich ever. (I know! It's not even Italian...) My mom loved this local restaurant as much as I did. I preferred the lunch to having an afternoon at the pool which is just something I feel like I should do because it's summer. I'm just no beach bum.

I had plans for this very pool.

Tonight my two girlfriends from high school came over to go to the carnival. Sunny all day at work and then it consistently drizzled since 5. So since I had an ancient $50 gift card to Carrabba's Italian Grill, we decide to dine there. Their food is something else! And the wine was good. And then the bread! Ah, the olive oil mixed with those herbs... Mm. Way better than weaving through the crowds at the carnival, another summer obligation. Anyway, after that, we munched on Doritos (which takes us back to high school) in front of The Tourist. Johnny Depp was delicious as well! ;)

...and now to dreams of Johnny...

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