Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blog Birthday

I created this blog on this day one year ago. ...and I've been loving it.

Cin Cin!
An Italian toast that is pronounced 'chin chin!'

It all started here.

This is an excellent opportunity to talk about my blog itself, and in particular, a new direction it is taking. You see, I originally wanted to wait and start this blog after I moved into my own place when I was truly making my own choices and living my own life. That's not too far off now! I move into a beautiful one bedroom in just two and a half weeks. (I move sooner than anticipated during Labor Day Weekend.) I don't have any regrets in beginning before that milestone though. In fact, I am thrilled that this blog documented a trip to Italia, which you can read about here. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have taken in the beauty there this year. Anyway, keep reading because this blog will get even better! More as I daydreamed it to be. I plan to document more of my daily life in order to appreciate my life experiences even more! Look forward to more frequent posts, more than the ten a month that I've been averaging. In my first post, I mentioned regular feature called "Style Sunday" which I plan to continue soon after I settle into my new place. I hope to cultivate a sophisticated, classic style both in my wardrobe and home, and you'll witness that very evolution. In addition, I hope to further develop my photography skills!

I'd also like to sincerely thank my readers for staying with me the last year. Grazie. I really appreciate it. I hope you guys have enjoy it as much as I do.

Furthermore, I love being a small part of a blogging community, that I'm in on the fun. Have you checked out my blogrolls entitled Italy-Related Blogs and My Fourteen Favorite Blogs? Do. They are truly fabulous and inspiring.

More than that, I love this little journal of mine. I've kept some sort of journal most of my life. Before this, I had a livejournal for years, which basically chronicled my college years and I consistently kept diaries prior to that. My Aunt S gave me my first one when I was like in the third grade. It had a gumball machine with a white background on the cover and pink lined pages. Even though I am well aware that I have a wider audience this time around, rather than giving unsolicited advice in a straightforward manner like on so many blogs I adore, I intend to document my life, my choices and preferences, and lead by example, if you will. This blog is personal and I prefer it that way. Still, I hope you like it and feel inspired! I invite you to comment if you like a particular post because I love to read them.

I like how this thing's turning out so far. I like that italiagal is public but a bit anonymous and not too huge. On one hand, I am a private person, but on the other, I do love sharing my passions with others. Even though I am naturally optimistic and idealistic, I still make it a point to stay positive on this online format. You will not read too many rants here. Plus, my scattered college friends often email me about my blog posts, as it helps keep them up-to-date on my life. I also hope to gain like-minded friends in life, and who knows, this may possibly help.

Here's to another year! Cheers! Cin Cin!

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