Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Necessities for My Next Apartment

I simply cannot wait to move into my own apartment! I get the keys on September 9th, which is just over two months away! I really can't wait!

I'm even excited to buy a vacuum cleaner for my place! (In fact, I've picked out this vacuum cleaner-- cheap, bagless, and red!) Although I am definitely more interested in decorative elements than cleaning supplies. I've had fun buying a few several things already, which I'd rather write about and post pictures of after I set up my space. So stay tuned!

On the Fourth of July, I was out to lunch and then on a spontaneous shopping spree with a friend and over our delicious pit beef sandwiches she mentioned that at my apartmentwarming party, I would receive gifts or gift cards towards those apartment wants and needs. Being so independent, it honestly never crossed my mind. Firstly, I want to throw the party because I want to entertain and that would be an excuse to do so. Secondly, I would want my closest friends to see my apartment and share my happiness. And anyway, I enjoy crossing things off a list. Or deleting them on my amazon wishlist in this case. It's something apartment-related that I can indulge in prior to the move. I wonder if I'll leave anything left on my list come September... Being on a budget, I very well might. I can see the metal bed I've desired for years remaining on there for awhile longer. If you know me personally, you're welcome to search for my list; it's under my name. You're not expected to buy me anything, as I said, it seriously didn't cross my mind before it was mentioned to me. If I do purchase everything but my bed, then if my attendees would like to give me something, they could give me something they think I might like, something that strikes them as so Michelle. I adore surprises and appreciate thoughtfulness. I truly lucked out in having some of the most thoughtful friends. Or they could give me a bottle of wine to help stock the nine spaces of my new sweet little wine cabinet!

It even has an Italian name!
A metal bed that's not overly swirly and girly.

I also feel very fortunate that a few family members have decided to help me pay for a sofa. With their generous donations, maybe I can afford the end tables that match my TV stand to go beside it. ...and possibly the coffee table too, although I do possess a badly constructed IKEA one that would go. Having sold furniture for nearly the entire year in 2007, I hope my former coworkers can help me out!

As a result of my improved financial situation, this apartment will reflect my personal style more than my first one. Back then, I was a poor grad student living on student loans and paychecks from a part-time retail gig and thus couldn't afford much. I didn't even have a sofa. Luckily, I bought the stuff I needed little by little for awhile before. To their credit, my parents did buy me a desk and TV stand just before I moved, from the collection I continue to purchase pieces from. I often imagine how my apartment will look fully furnished. Very Michelle.

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