Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Dance and Other Random Things

My dad's birthday is today. We had a big birthday dinner for him. Happy Birthday Dad! Auguri! ("Wishes!" as they say in Italy.)

Since my pen wasn't writing on his gift certificate birthday gift, I grabbed a shipping receipt from Target I had laying on my desk, turned it over and drew circles until the ink started to flow. This was beside a diagram, a diagram of instructions for a 'happy dance,' complete with multiple numbered and labeled left and right feet and arrows. This is in case you want to "break out in a Happy Dance when you receive an order you really, really like..." I love that. And since my order was piece of furniture for my new apartment, I did! This reminds me of my former boss, M, who just so happens to be currently employed by Target. At our old luggage store, at good news, he used to call "Happy Dance!" and we would dance in place for a moment.

As for my countdowns, I have:
4 days until my trip to New Haven!
58 days until I get the keys to my new place!

A friend gave me his old vacuum cleaner, saving me money. Grazie!

I ordered some things for my new apartment online during the 4th of July sales and now they're arriving. I still buy little things for my apartment bit by bit. Luckily this is my second apartment and I don't need much! If you haven't noticed, I'm excited!

I haven't deemed this worthy of my wishlist yet, but I like it:

Aren't they cute? I love owls. ...that they are symbols of wisdom. ...that they were my graduate school's mascot. ...and that they remind me of Italy. You see, the girl that I hung out with on my first trip to Italy loved owls, so we looked all over Venice for murano glass in the shape of the animal. I hope she found the perfect piece because I only remember her buying other forms-- pieces of glass wrapped candy and a dish, maybe cherries too? I started my collection obsession for the glassware then too.

I finished the book The Happiness Project. I highly recommend it! And I will most likely post my thoughts about it soon!

I'll try to save my next library book, Words in a French Life, for my five hour train rides to and from New Haven!

I love Princess Catherine's style, this dress included:

I gave myself a pedicure one day this past week with my newest OPI nail lacquer "You're a Pisa Work."

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