Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've been running 'round without air conditioning in my car since the end of last summer. With all the recent heat waves, it's been very hot. But yesterday, the wonderfulwonderful maintenance guy at my job fixed it! He ran the contents of two cans of stuff through the A/C system. He said it was a temporary fix that could potentially last up to a year (especially if I didn't have a more serious leak). If it lasts a month, it'll be beyond fantastic! I am so very grateful. Here's to an even better summer!

I am also more ready for the summer wardrobe-wise. I was drawn to JCPenney for their white eyelet sundresses, most priced at just $29.99. What's more perfect for summer than white eyelet? ...but they didn't have them left anywhere near my size on a busy Friday night, with both a sale and a coupon out. Luckily, I scored the cutest black and white dress for $20 there instead (senza coupon). I can hardly wait to wear it! The black embellishes this white dress, so hopefully I'll be tan soon to really rock it.

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