Friday, June 24, 2011

My Future Apartment?

I love these windows...

Yesterday when I was working at my apartment community, one of my residents came in and inquired about breaking her lease due to financial difficulties. I answered her questions and took her number so that my boss could answer even more. Being in leasing, I casually asked if it was a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment home. I found out that it's a one bedroom. On the second floor. With an upgraded kitchen and bathroom. In the building I want to be in. All of those features describe exactly what I want. Perfect! I practically went weak in the knees! I so want to move there!

After my boss returned her call today, I found out that the occupants are staying until their lease ends on October 31st, and are not breaking their lease. Which is good as I couldn't afford to move before then, so this is what I wanted to happen. It'd be a stretch, but I could possibly consider it for November. ...and just really budget. ...but will this couple decide to go when their lease ends? Or improve their financial situation soon? She said that she would tell my boss if they are staying or going this week, way before the required 60-day notice date of September 1st. So, I may know about my next apartment home very soon! ...and it could possibly be the best apartment in my community in my hometown, the most perfect one for me! I am so anxious, anxious excited of course, but anxious!

So... could everyone out there who reads this thing please hope I get it? Then, maybe the universe will make it happen for me!

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