Sunday, June 26, 2011

Italian Experiences and Recent Thoughts

This morning I visited Panera to have a cappuccino (in an actual mug!) and a chocolate pastry. I thoroughly enjoyed them while reading some of the latest Budget Travel in this cafe setting.  With "Intimate Italy" on the cover, I liked the feature article which focuses on the relaxing Piedmont region. I'm so happy I recently decided to renew my subscription another couple of years; it's totally worth it. The July/August issue also has an article on the Grand Tour, recommending guided European excursions, on a budget of course. I would love to have this kind of travel experience next. 'Next' being years from now though, when I am able to afford it. Some of the magazine's photography makes me stop and stare, this time it was a small image of "Picturesque Prague."

Speaking of inspiring imagery, I caught a bit of the movie Letters to Juliet on TV today and its still shot of Piazza Erbe at sunset helped me decide to return to Verona on my last trip. I loved that piazza... My lunch at a sidewalk cafe there was the most memorable meal I had on my last trip. My pasta dish with vegetables was so well done and happens to be a favorite of mine anyway. I discovered my new favorite wine at that table, the local Valpolicella. Each week for the last two weeks, I bought a bottle of it and enjoyed a glass or two a night with dinner or simply to unwind while it lasted. I scored the Bolla brand for $9.99. Much as I would love to continue, it's a luxury I will enjoy a bit more sporadically ...but, anyway, it was the scenery, the beautiful piazza decorated over centuries, that secured the win for most memorable meal.

From a Trattoria on Piazza Erbe in Verona, Italy

I recently wrote that my car's air conditioning was fixed by my work's maintenance guy. ...and it's now back to its old tricks. I just can't afford to fix it, especially not if I plan to move this calendar year. I'm still waiting to hear about that perfect apartment. I really want that one. I still daydream about living on my own again all the time. Overzealous in making as many bill payments as possible recently, I'm particularly poor until payday this upcoming Friday... I'm such a spender trying to save, so it's just hard. I am successfully saving a lot and an apartment will make me so so happy and will be completely worth it, it just makes for a not-so-exciting life. I don't go "out" so much anymore, which I so enjoy. I'm such a rewards spender, you know, I work hard so I deserve to treat myself. In addition to going out to eat or drink in some way, I want material possessions too. Specifically, I want the items on my Amazon wishlists that have been there awhile. One list is devoted to the decoration of my future apartment and the other is for clothes. I would love to purchase that duvet I previously posted about and a classic black wrap dress from Ann Taylor. I'm dreaming of purchasing them on payday, but we'll see... I did sign up for emails from each company, so as a result, I'll save like 10% on each one of them if I do decide. I also have my trip to Connecticut during the middle of July to save for and look forward to. I'll go out plenty then. I'll enjoy staying in much more in my own place. As you can tell, I can't wait!

The Duvet and Shams I Desire from Z Gallerie.

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