Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York City Trip

J and I went up to New York City for me to meet my Italian penpal B. We've been writing for five years and have not yet met. It was so great to meet her! She loves New York! ...and I hope she'll return to America to visit my neck of the woods!

After arriving at Penn Station via train, J and I walked to Eataly, the Italian marketplace and restaurant complex. After browsing around, we had lunch at the pasta and pizza place. We dipped our bread into very flavorful olive oil and each enjoyed a glass of Chianti Classico that had Batali's name on it. As an entree, J got this huge pizza which was three kinds of pizza in one slab:

And I got a pasta dish called Penne Napoli which was penne cooked al dente in a tomato sauce with chunks of buffalo mozzarella and shredded basil:

The is the first time that I've found meals like what you would find in Italy served in America. I was truly in awe. After that, I convinced J (yes, even after that pizza) to go get gelato. In trying to locate that counter, that's when we ran into B. The gelato was very good, but not as good as in Italy...

B and I hit the Victoria's Secret and met up with many of the Italian girls she was traveling with. I told them that all American women love VS. After that, we crossed the street to the (also very American) Macy's. They were keen on the cheap prices on designer brand clothing, which that Macy's has an abundance of. It is huge! I probably didn't even check out half of it... I suppose they've been jamming their days full with sightseeing and this was the perfect thing to do that day.

J and I had to catch our train after that. It was a short trip but, still, very very worth it to meet B. Eataly was my kind of place!

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