Monday, May 9, 2011

Michelle's 27 Things I Know For Sure

Grazie to Kristi at La Bella Figura whose most recent blog recommendation led me to The Simply Luxurious Life and more specifically to the author Shannon's post entitled "26 Things I Know For Sure." I credit them both for the inspiration to create my own list. I love her list, and wholeheartedly agree with every single item! In fact, I should take Shannon's advice and bring fresh flowers into my home. Since I have different life experiences, here's my personal list. I chose to have a total of 27 points because I am newly 27 years old, love marking my birthday, and figure I could give one life lesson for each year I've been around.

fresh flowers. love.

Michelle's 27 Things I Know For Sure:

1. Do not accrue credit card debt.

2. Travel.

Piazza Erbe in Verona, Italy
I enjoyed this piazza this past March.

3. Be open to learn and improve yourself. Everyday.

4. Celebrate birthdays. In a personalized way.

This year's birthday dinner location, Parc, a French restaurant in Philadelphia.

5. Do not follow trends, instead cultivate your own personal style. Not only on your person but also in your home.

My birthday shoes (...that arrived after my birthday festivities.)
I currently love this deep red color,
especially as a pop of saturated color to a neutral outfit of classic pieces.

6. Know what styles look good on your body.

7. Have goals and the gumption to work towards them.

8. Be courageous and confident enough to say what you want or who you are aloud or to an audience. ...and be it. Confidence is key. I am attracted to people who are very much themselves.

9. Indulge every once in awhile. In whatever strikes your fancy, but do it sporadically. Trust me you appreciate it more when it's not a regular habit.

drinking red wine, going out with friends, ...

10. Do a fantastic job, even if no one else is or it goes unappreciated. Do it for self-satisfaction. And not just at your workplace!

11. Be nice. (Thanks Mom)

12. Purchase items of the highest quality you can afford.

13. Give to charity, even if it's simply unused clutter or just ten bucks.

14. Nurture your close, long-term friendships.

15. Eat good food.

16. Get out of any relationship or friendship you need to or that does not have a future.

17. Declutter and then treat the items you love and use respectfully.

18. Attend college. I highly recommend going away to a four-year institution and graduating, but at least attend a few classes on a physical campus!

19. Love yourself as much as possible.

20. Dress up for dinner out, or happy hour, or a holiday dinner with family, or a date, or any special occasion!

my favorite evening clutch

21. Always bring something to a party.

22. Always apply makeup before leaving the house. Put your best foot forward. Fare la bella figura (literally "to make a good figure" in Italian).

23. Celebrate the little things.

hot chocolate in a cute cup on a winter day

24. Spontaneously do something sweet for someone.

25. Take care of your health.

26. Be passionate. Lead a passionate life.

be passionate

27. Consciously choose to be happy and make it happen for yourself, depend on no one else for this.

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  1. I love your list! I'm bookmarking this post to re-read when I need a lift and also when I need to be reminded of grounding myself to these types of things.

  2. Thank you Stephanie! I am happy to hear you enjoyed it!

    I am very analytical, so it was pretty easy to come up with! The list that inspired me was very fun, but I think in mine, there's an overall balance of putting effort into life and then trying to enjoy it. and play, huh?