Sunday, May 1, 2011

Girlfriend Getaway

The Hard Rock Cafe and Barnes & Noble share this building.
It was a rainy day, just like in this photo.

I visited Baltimore's Inner Harbor with my two longtime friends today. We were celebrating my birthday together.

I chose to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was fun. Even though it was no longer on the menu, the bar was able to make me a margarita with blood orange syrup. It's my most favorite margarita, so delicious, so smooth! I thoroughly enjoyed it. After that, we browsed the Barnes & Noble next door. Both establishments are located in a huge historic building, the Power Plant.

I also chose to hit Harborplace which is a multi-building complex of eateries, shops, and entertainment venues, lining the harbor of course and right next to the old Power Plant. I splurged at a shop called Fire & Ice, which sells unique jewelry. I had admired the same dark pink ruby pieces of jewelry in multiple locations. I first spotted them in their Philadelphia store last August and then again in the DC location last month. I finally made the purchase today! I selected a necklace and a matching pair of stud earrings in this stunning color, my favorite color. They are round cut stones set in silver. Bold yet simple. Shopping with girlfriends was fun too. Plenty of girl talk. Some shop talk too, since one of them is in the same field as me.

The forecast said it would be cloudy but it unfortunately drizzled the whole time! I'm not a girl who enjoys the rain, so I just neglected to take pictures, sorry! And it was too cold for a skirt... It's been a rainy spring, with no end in sight! Plus, the temperatures are all over the place. And with this crazy weather, you never know if 70 degrees is going to feel cool or warm. As always, layers are key for travel! I was happy to have had a little lightweight umbrella today too.

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