Monday, April 18, 2011

:) personal happiness :)

LOVE sculpture in my beloved Philadelphia

I have girlfriends who are completely boy-crazy, and in their mid-twenties, obsess about marriage everyday. Often they only feel happy when they are in a relationship, sometimes settling for someone not-so-perfect just to have it. I just think that when you are truly happy alone, only then will you attract who you want! Confidence is the sexiest thing ever! Be passionate. And then you're only more fascinating to the significant other when he or she comes along! Plus, whatever you do or do not have, life's way too short not to choose to be happy everyday! Be concerned with your own personal happiness.

I am very independent-minded and have always been rather content spending most of my life as a single girl. ...knowing that this wasn't permanent though! I do very much love love and truly want a relationship with the right guy. I hope that future relationships of mine consist of two complete individuals. I do not feel incomplete without the guy. I'm not gonna let being alone be severe daily stress. Stress seriously stops brain function and ages you! Not very attractive! Alittle stress and acting a teeny bit crazy is part of falling for someone though, that's okay! At least I pray it is for an analytical dorky gal like me!

I just came across this entry on the blog entitled "la mia vita" which in Italian is "my life." She is so much more poetic about the subject than me! Definitely check it out:

Life is too beautiful and too short

On the note of personal happiness, I promise I will update all about my blissfully happy birthday weekend soon!

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  1. Back-reading this post really struck a cord with how I've been feeling about things lately. I have a friend whom I adore, but who clearly puts up with nonsense from her man because she loves him... but also because it's clear she doesn't feel comfortable being on her own.

    Whereas I, for contrast, not only have been on my own for the past 6 months, I've been perfectly content in it. Yes, my husband is my best friend, and I love his company, but I don't need someone around to be happy or content. In the same instance, I love friends, but I don't desperately seek them out. Rather I prefer to wait for people who share similar ideals about life (and lifestyle) as myself. Yes, it means I have a smaller group of friends than I was used to, but I consider a good friend something you acquire over time, while making lots of acquaintances.