Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Big News what I cannot wait for

My Personal Photo of Venice
View of Grand Canal towards Rialto Bridge

So, my exciting news regarding my trip to Italy is...

I won't be alone!

My friend J will meet me in Venice on the 18th and tag along for those two days. A few days before that and a few weeks after, he will backpack through Europe. I am positively green with envy! And absolutely thrilled that I get to show someone Venice! :) I've always met people there or along the way.

As a perk of being in the military, he gets to fly (if there's space available) for hardly any cost at all. Again, jealous! Even though he has many cities in mind plus a guided tour, he is very flexible. Plus he may meet up with people he knows and at least one of my old study abroad friends. I'm actually helping him out a lot since he hasn't really been to Europe.

At first I was a bit apprehensive because we were dating and I actually just broke it off less than a month ago. He sprung this on me after the fact. We've decided to make the most of our trip. Without my over thinking of every little thing in life. Now, I'm just thrilled to share my Italy with one of my favorite travel buddies. He's a good guy and reads this blog, so I'm not gonna say anything more before the trip.

I cannot wait for this trip!

I can't wait to... eat gelato! Eat more gelato! Show J real Italian pizza. Eat pizza margherita. I just remembered blood orange juice last night! See the warm-colored, centuries-old buildings. Walk on cobblestones. See the dueling cafe orchestras at night in Piazza San Marco! Wander through Venice, getting hopelessly lost. Meander through an outdoor market. Have cappuccino and espresso and a croissant or cornetto. Eat prosciutto crudo, bread and pasta. Toast red wine glasses in Italy. Dress up for a dinner in Italy, a late one like the locals do. And have a dinner date! People-watch the Italians, especially during their evening walk called la passeggiata. Do the pub crawl unique to Venice. Have a Spritz in Venice. Have a happy hour drink called an aperitivo in Milan. See the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. See gondolas! Take in the view of the piazza I'll be staying on at sunset in Verona. See Milan's Duomo. Marvel at St. Mark's in Venice. See the Rialto Bridge. Be greeted or bid farewell with a peck on each cheek. Shop for murano glass. Show J a glass blowing demonstration. Select street art for my collection. Speak Italian words. Hear spoken Italian, even if it is "Ciao Bella!!" directed at me! Understand some of what is said to/ around me. Be in the place history was made. Play Art Historian and Tour Guide to J. Look out the train window at Italian countryside. Just have the plane land in Italy!

10 full days 'til I depart! :)

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