Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Study Abroad in Italy

My friend C's enhancement of my photo of Piazza Navona in Rome

I want to work in a study abroad office on a college campus one day, helping to affect the kind of life change I've gone through (in falling head over heels in love with Italy) in others.

I subscribe to a listserv for International Education professionals. They do not let you follow one kind of topic like job vacancies so I receive everything sent, which is at least a dozen e-mails a day.

...and today I came across this study abroad course in Rome:

Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture & UMASS AMHERST are pleased to announce:
5-week full immersion

Italian Language and Food & Culture 2011 Summer Program in Rome, Italy:

6 or 9 credit options, credits transfer to UMass

MAY 16 – JUNE 29

Courses will be held at Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture

in partnership with Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Rome
in collaboration with the Program in Italian studies at UMASS AMHERST.

5 College Students can register through UMass International Programs Office. Financial aid available to UMass Students.

The Food & Culture summer program in Rome is open also to non UMass Students.

The 5-week program in Rome introduces the students to one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals, it’s multicultural and yet inherently European environment, through the lens of food culture. The result is a life-enriching experience abroad that offers our students invaluable personal, academic and professional opportunities. The Food and Culture program includes: lectures on cultural, social and economic aspects of food in Italy; hands-on workshops with chefs and journalists; guided visits to farms, vineyards, artisanal botteghe, fishermen’s boats, coffee shops and ... more!

OPTION A ( Beginners): Intensive Elementary Italian Language Course + Food and Culture Course, 9 UMass Credits
OPTION B ( Intermediate): Intensive Intermediate Italian Language Course + Food and Culture Course, 9 UMass Credits
OPTION C ( Advanced): Conversation in Italian Language + Food and Culture Course, 6 UMass Credits

Courses will be held at Gustolab Institute, in collaboration with Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome; the headquarters and classrooms are located in the historic center of Rome, footsteps away from Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori.
Gustolab Institute is the first Center for food and culture in Italy concentrated in short and long term academic programs.

Gustolab Institute and Scuola Leonardo da Vinci instructors are specialized in Italian languages, literature, visual arts, social studies, food & culture, gastronomy, media, advertising, culture/society and history.

Courses Description

*Food & Culture in Italy***

(3 cr. applicable toward UMass Major in Italian. Course taught in English at Gustolab Institute Center for Food and Culture).

This course combines traditional lectures and discussion meetings with hands-on co-curricular activities and field trips in and around Rome, as well as in the Lazio region and Cilento (Mediterranean Diet roots). The course presents food in all its complex connections with culture, nutrition, environment, society, economics and politics. All course topics are accompanied by practical activities, ranging from classes in professional kitchens to food and wine pairing and tasting workshops (excursions, field trips, observations and meetings with the experts).The lecture series features prestigious experts for each specific course topic, thus providing a dynamic learning environment with an interdisciplinary approach. Practical assignments allow students to explore and experience fìrst-hand food culture in the streets of Rome, to use and improve their Italian and make the most of their summer abroad.
*Intensive Elementary or *Intermediate Italian

(UMass ITAL 126 or 246 - 6 cr. at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome ). Both courses are applicable toward UMass Amherst language requirement.

*Italian Conversation ***

(UMass ITAL 372 - 3 cr. at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci) For students with 4 semesters of ltalian or equivalent. Credits are applicable toward UMass Italian Major.


Students are housed in shared apartments, located in the center of Rome at a 20 minute tram ride from Gustolab Institute and Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci. The comfortable, fully furnished apartments feature multiple double occupancy rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Free internet access is available in each room.
Included services
- Transfer to/from airport to apartments & residence
· Orientation – 1st day walking tour of Rome
· Emergency Facilitator
· Welcome & Farewell dinners
· 1 month + 1 week Rome public transportation card
· Accommodation in shared Apartments (double rooms),
· Italian prepaid cell phone

Application for students:

To apply contact the UMass Office Of International Programs or email Prof. Roberto Ludovico


- limited enrollment,
- registration deadline and 50% deposit due march 25. 2011 -
- full program fee payment due april 8.2011.

More information at

See you in Rome!
Isn't that fabulous?
I can't wait to sell this sort of thing to students!
I wasn't taken care of at all on my study abroad experience! You just don't wanna know... The services in this particular program are so nice!

One month from today I will be flying to Italy! ...ah, I can't wait!

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  1. Thanks for these facts about how to earn a degree and study abroad in Italy. Bon Voyage to you and enjoy!