Sunday, February 20, 2011

Italian Cooking Show Review: Extra Virgin

Have you guys seen the TV show Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel? If you haven't yet, check it out!

It's a cooking show based in Tuscan cuisine and hosted by actress Debi Mazar (proudly from Queens) and her Italian husband Gabriele. They shoot the show from their LA home where they live with two young daughters. It's on often and new episodes premiere Wednesday at 10 pm ET. I love it!

I think the food looks delicious and the hosts make it look easy. Gabriele takes charge and provides most of the explanations while Debi helps. He is passionate about traditional Tuscan food. Even though Debi's dramatic style doesn't appeal to me, I have to admit she always looks fabulous. For example, when she was working in a food truck for charity, she was wearing this huge ivory cape! Probably not the most sensible, but I admire how they both live their lives so passionately.

What I love most of all is the couple's interaction. Debi and Gabriele love each other so much and it's fun to listen to their banter. Not only does he express his love by cooking, he is thoroughly romantic in many ways. I love when he calls her "mi amore." On her birthday, Gabriele surprised Debi with a ring he picked out with his daughters and asked her to marry him again surrounded by his family in Tuscany. (Can't wait for that show!) The last episode I caught was when they went on a picnic. He surprises her often. I've decided I definitely need to marry a "sexy Tuscan farmer" too!

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  1. I've seen the show and love it too! I agree, their interaction is fun to watch.